Unable to logon to sisi

I’m am getting the following error logging on to sisi -

Handshake Failed - Server Failure

May tq account is 2FA enabled for a long time. I’ve been on sisi as recently as last week.


Same issue. CCPlz. Handshake failed

Idem ditto, but I get a 'Login failed. Possible reasons can be:
Verification code mismatch" error using my phone auth. In my case, which may be diffrent, I recently rebought Omega after a stay of absence

From my experience this is easy to bypass on Sisi.
Simply click on the server list in the launcher menu and then select "Play on Singularity.
Log in there and you should be able to log in

I have no clue whats causing the handshake issue and how to bypass that one though.
It might be possible to bypass it with this trick as well but I cant guarantee that.

My issue seems to be gone.

I am receiving the same issue on all accounts.

Same problem here.
Although now SISI server is not starting it always counts down to 0 seconds then goes back to 10 seconds.

I would like to say DITO DITO DITO, not sure what we can do about, I think if I knew when the next mirror would take place I would be more patient.

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