Unable to start T1 manufacture job in NPC station

Hi, all. Trying to start a second (1 or 5 already running) T1 manufacturing job in an NPC station with manufacturing facilities. BPO in hangar, mats in hangar; no corp hangars involved. Both input and output locations set correctly. Plenty of isk in personal wallet, personal wallet selected for fees. When I attempt to start the job I’m getting error saying the “job cost has changed” and “facility tax rates have changed”. Job won’t start.

I have skills on this toon for 5 jobs; only one (1) active job at this or any other station (“1/5”); I have Industry 5, item requires Industry 1. This isn’t a materials issue; it isn’t a location issue; it isn’t a skill issue. Relogged; no effect. Tried both ways to get blueprint into queue; no effect either way.

What’s up? Another bug? Thanks.

This is normal behaviour. The job cost varies with the system cost index, which varies with the amount of activity in the system.

Simply click start again. In a really busy system, you may need to click start a couple of times before the job is accepted.

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