Corporation manufacturing job in EC

(Gunwall Haraldson) #1

i’ve got a little issue : I can’t launch a manufacturing job in my sotiyo (on Sisi) which have all industry open for public but I can launch one on a station.
Anybody has an idea about that ?

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(Tialano Utrigas) #2

Have you installed, fuelled and onlined the manufacturing services for the Sotiyo?

(Gunwall Haraldson) #3

The sotiyo is fully fitted and I can do personnal manufactoring job. Obviously, my corp has an office in the Sotiyo and my character being director of the corp has full access.

(Tialano Utrigas) #4

If you hover over the Start button for the job (which should be red) it should tell you why you cant start the job.

See what that turns up.

(Gunwall Haraldson) #5

I don’t understand what happened but it works fine now, without change anything. The message was “Facility Access Denied”.

(system) #6

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