Unchained - Opening night is nearly here!

Mark your calendars my dears, because Saturday the 27th of March marks the grand opening of the newest, hottest nightclub in Caille: Unchained.

Sumptuously placed on the roof of “The 4004” at the edge of Caille’s L’Neiro district, with stunning views toward the City of the Ancients and the University of Caille campus, this open-air nightclub for the wealthy and influential has a capsuleer VIP lounge, private shuttle and aircar access, and the very hottest in live music, live dancers and the living city, plus exclusive access for VIPs to the Parvi Collection.

So shake off your chains, put on your finest fashion (modesty optional!) and join me in an all-night celebration of the simple joy of freedom! The drinks are on the house this one night only!

See you there, dears.


Good luck with your opening. Unfortunately, I don’t think it’s wise to attend in my current state, but I’ll make a point to visit another time.

What time is the opening?

It’s tonight, from eight 'til late!

(( Join the channel “Unchained 4004” to attend!))

Excellent show. I’m sure most people in Caille will know there is a new club in town, and a lot of those will feel they missed out.

…I don’t quite remember leaving or how I got to the hotel…or even which hotel this is…

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