Undue loss of security standing due to AoE Point Defense Guns on citadel

Dear Council - I believe that the game mechanics punish players for using a module to defend their structure.

I agreed to man the guns of our Tatara when fighting for its survival.

By diligent use of the POINT DEFENSE GUNS I managed to kill off a substantial number of aggressors.

However these were not noted as kills - which basically would be fine.
What is not fine is that my character took heavy security status loss, despite being “anonymous” to the kills.

Can it please be either ?

The best version would be that as a player manning these guns you do not take a security hit - the same exempt seems to exist for not getting killmails attributed to the character.

In the long run, only throwaway alts or - no one - will be willing to use point defense guns.

The loss seems small - but is tied to a considerable hit in ISK and time invested to repair the security status decrease.

If you feel there is anything that can be done about this, I d appreciate your comments !

Many thanks in advance

I know you mean well but dont double post the same topic

How embarassing - I didnt realize.
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Best Regards

-10! why would it ever need to be positive :smiley:

It looks like the recent dev update regarding the wardec system addresses the neutrals in a war situation, which might have been what you were affected by.

lol !

I d share your attitude–but only if the police would do so too when passing through >0.4

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I’m not sure why you took a security hit - can you explain the scenario? If your fleet was engaging the bad guys, they were either war decced or had suspect timers, right?

Reading and research is hard.

I read that, and it makes no sense to me.

I think what happened is that the OP used an Upwell AoE weapon in lowsec and damaged a bunch of neutrals incurring a sec status hit.

Okay - if that’s the case, then, well…don’t use the PDS when there are neuts on the grid.

Look, a CSM who can’t read properly and doesn’t understand how EvE mechanics work.

I’m not defending the OP, as for me this is a non-issue. But seeing your reply shows me the worth of your other contributions.

I asked him for clarification because what he wrote wasn’t clear. I don’t appear to be the only one who didn’t understand what he was trying to say.

Feel free to run against me if you think your contributions will be superior. I think we both know you won’t.

Lol, indeed, I’m not that stupid, to run for CSM.

We both know that’s not the reason.

This time you are wrong. It is the reason. We can debate why it would be stupid. :wink:

clarification INDEPENDENT of whether the “victims” had a suspect flag or not:

This happened in low sec.
Some of the parties attacking were not in war dec to us.
They didnt care about sec loss or suspect timers.
Some of them lost suspect timers due to warping away.
They regrouped near the structure defending itself with the PDS
Due to the time passing by while regrouping, they lost suspect timer.
They came into range.
They were killed by the PDS.
I manned the station running the PDS.
I did not get credit for killing them.
However, I got the sec penalty for killing them.
This seems unfair.
Either get the penalty and the kills accredited.
no killmail and no security penalty

savy ?

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