Remove standing lose for shooting corpses in the milita


I have low-expectations of what I’m suggesting being taken seriously. And that’s only because I acknowledge my own issue as something niche and likely only affecting me alone because I’m a bit of a weirdo in how I approach EVE.

I’m bringing it here because after contacting customer support to help me undo the damage this problem caused. I was encouraged to highlight what I went through on the forums by the Gm that helped me. They linked the CSM section specifically so that’s why I’m here.

So again… If what I’m talking about ain’t worth CSM time then, by all means. I’m not expecting too much, Just following though what was suggested to me after they went out of the way to help fix my standings. Shoutout to @GM_Vision.

Remove standing lose for shooting corpses in the milita

So to try and explain what happened to get across what I’m proposing. I’m a Guristas Milita pilot, and on christmas day I was out and about running an Ice Heist site with the boys like any other time I would be and I notice on grid a corpse of this comet pilot that got shot down and podded by the Mordu NPCs

And seeing this, I thought I’d do my comrade a favor and just blast his corpse so nobody could scoop it and add it to their collection.

I take a FACTION standing hit initially that wasn’t anything to cry about… But after the site, I later get a ludicrous standing hit with the Commando Guri corp. How much standing? Well… All of what I built up and then some. Went from 1.3 to -0.09. In Content where the best standing tick you’re gonna get is 0.02 for maybe 30 minutes of labor. The standing hit was regarded as “Property Damage” in my standings chart

Distraught at this, I took it to customer service. Fast forward to the results I get it fixed but…. Entire time I was annoyed with how things worked. It made no sense. Why? Podding your friendlies I understand, but when they’re already dead?

Why change it?

Well why not? What purpose does it serve to give people a standings hit for shooting clone biomass? Not like I was the one who made the corpse to begin with.

When discussing this post with an alliance mate I was suggested a reasoning was to allow people to clear the field of clutter that could lag up the game or whatever… But I don’t believe in that . Its not why I do it.

Its how I choose to interact with the sandbox. I don’t collect corpses, Before ever being in the militia roaming nullsec I would shoot corpses I would come across and prevent people from collecting them as trophies. Bit of RP flavor to it is to deny Drifters new biomass and yadda yadda.

So If anything, I’m proposing this change so I can avoid having the game punish me for interacting with it this way. Social consequences for shooting corpses that someone could loot for their collection/sell are all well and fine, I just don’t think it’s the game’s job to punish me for doing that.

Once again like I mention at the start of the post. This is a stupidly niche thing I’m complaining about. Maybe I should just be normal and collect corpses like everyone else or let people collect them if I don’t want to. That said, it was a annoying issue to deal with and I’m blessed it got fixed in the end, but now I’m squishmish about continuing to do as I did knowing that a corpse could give me a crazy standing hit if I don’t check who they’re with first.

Thank you for reading (.___.)/


Bump. I agree with Avio here this needs to change.

I agree. Allow proper space burials for all

@Mike_Azariah check it

The old and archiac standing system, as well as standing losses and smuggling / illicit cargo stuff could really use an overhaul in general.

This is easily the most egregious of the instant huge standing loss items, but there are a number of others that make little sense.

Why do pirates steal ice? :rofl:

there is a workaround for it:
scoop the corpses yourself and then trash them at the station…

I’ve suggested another option for said corpses too if you feel trashing them is unrespectful…

Also FYI, Angry Mustache mentioned something about adding possibility(?) of exchanging corpses for LP (questions are in previous post) instead, during last CSM campaing :thinking:

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I can think of a dozen ways this would be abused to all hell.

Yeah. Some team killers will at least let you clear pod. Corpses for lp…they’d go for that too.

I was thinking more of the opportunities for alt abuse. Self destruct an alt in the enemy militia’s pod a couple dozen times, collect corpses, hand in for LP.

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Some I am sure would find an optimal clone implant setup if they use fw’s scaling for this.

Like certain crews did for ships at angel start. Self shoot this ship build with a nice cost to lp return ratio, get paid decent.

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