Smash and Grab with minimal standing loss

I checked the guide for the Gurista Epic arc Smash and Grab here, but I don’t see a path to limit the Caldari standing loss to something around 2.4% (like you can achieve for the Angel arc) if you are running with one char.

To those who have done it, is there a way? What is the minimum Caldari standing loss you can achieve?

I think @Imiarr_Timshae did this one, they might be able to answer you.

A shorter answer @Tipa_Riot , pay us and you wont lose any lol

It would require two runs if standing is shared …

Hey Tipa,

Nice to be able to help you :slight_smile: I’ve seen you around for years.

There are very small losses for ship kills throughout:

These are extremely small e.g. 5.76 to 5.75 Caldari State for each one. As long as you avoid killing the cruiser in Intelligence Mining (it is optional to kill) this will be small. These other small drops are unavoiable.

There are three large drops to standing:
-0.24 for destroying a Fuel Depot which is essential for mission completion in Fuel Gauge

The Arc then branches into two paths.

Irichi’s Path

-0.24 for destroying “Caldari Deadspace Tactical Outpost” (Called Ytiri Security Bunker) in Mission Dread Pirates

-0.24 for destroying “Caldari State’s Caldari Bunker” in mission Rabbit Hole (EUni wiki says destroying the sentry guns also causes loss, but I did not find this to be true, but faction standing loss due to ship kills is limited to the “biggest thing” you killed in 15min window, so it’s possible these are actually 12 losses for destroying sentry guns and 1 loss for destroying the bunker but because it’s possible to do them all in under 15mins, it only counts one)

Kori’s Path

I have not run this path.

-0.24 : EUni Wiki says similar to Rabbit Hole there are lots of things to shoot and similar -0.24 loss in the mission Foxfire

-0.24 From destroying the “Caldari Bunker” in Spy Games

These are from what I believe vital structure kills - the arc cannot be completed without them and there is a substantial loss involved to Caldari State.

If you message me ingame, I have a character I use to run these missions for whom I don’t care about standings - we can probably co-ordinate a time where I can do these missions for you.


Thanks for the good info which confirmed my understanding. If I decide to go for it I will come back to your offer.

Actually more.
Two runs of a +2.5 standing with shared rewards in a 2-fleet means a total gain of +2.4375
so if you need 0→2.5 then you need three runs.

One run by yourself can take you from -10 to 1.25 base

Remember this is currently a 45% boost

What ? That is a +5.625 gain… so more like +125% boost ?
Anyway as I told you already, two +5.625 shareable gain shared in fleet result in 5.4844 gain.

Two 50% gains is not the same as one 100% gain, due to how the delta is calculated.

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Ok, I was challenged, and injected my banking alt into an Arty Thrasher to do the structure shooting. Final result for Tipa:

Guristas Pirates -9.75 → 1.36, with criminal connection at 5 it shows 3.09.

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Unrelated to FW, there is one thing open to me as I haven’t encountered diamond rats yet. Will the white/blue appearance be triggered by modified or unmodified standing?


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So we have a client for guristas. They bought 2 arcs. 1st brought them from -9.98 to -4.5.

Second arc was at -0.48

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so a +5.47 base standing gain ?

Are you sure, I’m standing in front of a Guri FOB and all diamond rats are red to me … is there an exception about FOBs?

If it’s unmodified it would be correct to see them red.


I think fobs are different. But at 2.00 effective they wont attack you. But at 5.00 they help. Fobs might be different than just seeing them out and about

at 7.0 they give you intell and at 9.0 they give you killmails when they kill someone.
(100% serious post :stuck_out_tongue: )

Let me recycle this thread because it’s related. Did a second run of the Guri arc today, but noticed that standing gains as shown in log are much less than last time, and the two times for Angels. Instead of +5.625 it shows only +4.862. But not enough, also the corp standing gains for the individual missions are about half of what I got last time.

It’s hard to say if its a display bug or real. If real, it could be that social skills didn’t apply correctly. Also I noticed that standing reduction from shooting structures are not the usual -0.24 but -0.223 which looks even weirder.

Anyone else noticed a messup in standing system after Harvoc patch? Not talking about the inconsistent new FW NPC showing white happily red boxing you (also when cloaked btw).

The window has been messed up and i think screwed up worse since the update

Havoc broke the Standings Transaction Window - I issued a bug report and contacted the CSM, but I’m not sure CCP are interested.

It no longer shows the gain the mission awards as base standing, but the modified value between your old standing and end standing, i.e. what percent of what you already have you just gained between your current standing and 10.00

So once you get above 9.90 standing all of the gains show as 0.001, the smallest decimal it can display, despite the values being totally different.

Essentially the window is now broken and totally unusable - I doubt an additional bug report will encourage them to fix it but you could always try.

Edit: The reason this new behaviour is broken is because:

  • The values it shows are no longer consistent (different instances of the same mission will show different results based on your standing before you got the gain)
  • The values it shows are totally unreliable - everything above 9.90 shows 0.001, suggesting a mere thousand missions would take you to 10.00, this is totally false and a rounding error because it only displays to three decimal places
  • The values shown are not relevant to CCP’s published standing formula:


ns=New standing
i=Increase percentage in decimal form

The old window used to show value i, it doesn’t anymore. Meaning the standing formula is totally useless because the i value isn’t shown anywhere any longer.