Guristas Epic arc problem

Having a problem with the mission Dread Pirates, the dread guristas they give you to put in the warehouse don’t leave my cargo hold to complete the mission, have killed the two guns and stopped at every large collidable object, am I missing something or is the mission bugged? Figured it out had to kill security bunker.

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Good job on finding the solution to the issue.

According to Eve Survival Mission Reports

Mission 11A - Dread Pirates (Irichi Path)

Faction: Ytiri
Mission type: Encounter
Space type: Deadspace
Damage dealt: Kin/Therm
Web/Scramble: None
Recommended damage dealing: Kin (best), Therm (secondary)

Gated complex, no guards on initial gate.

First Room
Initial Group:
2x Ytiri Light Missile Battery

Repeating Reinforcement Wave:
2-3x Frigate (Ytiri Frigate)

The first target is the Ytiri Security Bunker. After that is destroyed drop the Dread Guristas Strike Force off in the Ytiri Storage Warehouse.

As soon as you drop off the strike force, the repeating wave will spawn. Every time you clear the wave a new one will spawn for 3 minutes until the mission completes.
You can leave one frigate alive in the reinforcement wave and just wait until the mission completes. Any remaining ships self destruct when the mission completes.

2017-12-01 10:55:04 Comment by Argonui
Mission 11A - Destruction of Ytiri Security Bunker resulted in 2% standing loss with Caldari
Mission 12A - Destruction of 12x Guristas Sentry Gun resulted in 2% standing loss with Caldari
Mission 13A - Destruction of State ships results in small standing loss with Caldari (<.02%)

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