Running Missions

Running Missions Post 68:

Running the same SOE Epic Arc mission number on 2 pilots each getting that same mission accepted to be accomplished leads to 2 different Deadspace pockets.

I didn’t test it yet, but I believe that to run the mission with 2 pilots in one fleet can lead to sharing the Mission rewards on completion.

I did this with the Tristan, and made fleet with the alt catalyst destroyer, and was asked if I wanted to share the reward.
I chose no.
But if I had done this with the Alt’s mission as well, I could have shared the Alt’s reward to increase standing even further.

Running Missions P68 Edit 1 @ 04:30:
Finished Part III
and starting Part IV .
I shared the reward with the Main from the Alt mission, and kept the reward on the main without sharing with the Alt.

Running Missions P68 Edit 2 @ 16:41:
Mission 22: Royal Jelly
This is a rescue mission

Running Missions P68 Edit 3 @ 17:41:
Running Missions P68 Image 1

We can compare the payouts, with and without sharing later.

Running Missions P68 Image 2

Running Missions P68 Edit 4 @ 23:39:
Mission 23: Nature Pictures
Delivery Mission with pickup 4 jumps away only, so, 8 jumps round trip.

Got Disconnected around 2 jumps away, due to public free wifi internet connection reset.
Running Missions P68 Image 3
I have to be able to join as a 2 pilots fleet again to get the mission bonus.

Running Missions P68 Edit 5 @ 23:56:
Running Missions P68 Image 4
Next will be to set up PI on all 6 pilots of the 2 accounts I’m running Missions and Incursions from.

Running Missions P68 Edit 6 @ 23:58:
Running Missions P68 Image 5
Ourapheh in Sanctum < Genesis is an The InterBus faction system.

Running Missions P68 Edit 7 @ 00:09:
Running Missions P68 Image 6

36m Distribution social skill.
I also have a screenshot of all the double skills gained.

Running Missions P68 Image 7

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Running Missions Post 69:

Running Missions P69 Image 1

Important Mission (Storyline)

Running Missions P69 Image 2

Didn’t find out in time.

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Running Missions Post 70:
I think I might start to run Missions with the Machariel and my main pilot.

I also have an alt, and may try to get 3, but the 3rd one would not run with the other 2 at the same time.
There would only be 2 logged anytime.
Both players can crash and die in missions.

Running Missions P70 Image 1

Going to get the Machariel.

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Running Missions Post 71:

Running Missions P71 Image 1

Running Missions P71 Image 2

Running Missions P71 Image 3

Running Missions P71 Image 4

Running Missions P71 Image 5

Running Missions P71 Edit 1 @ 21:24:
Running Missions P71 Image 6

Running Missions P71 Edit 2 @ 21:39:
Running Missions P71 Image 7

Running Missions P71 Edit 3 @ 21:47:
Running Missions P71 Image 8

Running Missions P71 Image 9

[Machariel, MY CAR]
Damage Control II
Experimental Hyperspatial Accelerator
Limited Hyperspatial Accelerator
Centus C-Type Large Armor Repairer
Gyrostabilizer II
Limited Hyperspatial Accelerator

Shadow Serpentis 500MN Microwarpdrive
Heavy Electrochemical Capacitor Booster I
Shadow Serpentis Remote Tracking Computer
Medium Cap Battery II
Cap Recharger II
Tracking Computer II

800mm Heavy ‘Scout’ Repeating Cannon I
800mm Heavy ‘Scout’ Repeating Cannon I
800mm Heavy ‘Scout’ Repeating Cannon I
800mm Heavy ‘Scout’ Repeating Cannon I
800mm Heavy ‘Scout’ Repeating Cannon I
800mm Heavy ‘Scout’ Repeating Cannon I
800mm Heavy ‘Scout’ Repeating Cannon I
Small Tractor Beam I

Large Hyperspatial Velocity Optimizer II
Large Hyperspatial Velocity Optimizer II
Large Hyperspatial Velocity Optimizer II

Salvage Drone I x5
Caldari Navy Warden x4

Optimal Range Script x2
Tracking Speed Script x1
Fusion L x100
Republic Fleet Fusion L x2617
Republic Fleet Titanium Sabot L x2510
Cap Booster 800 x22
Nanite Repair Paste x286
Standard Frentix Booster x2

Running Missions P71 Image 10

Item hangar


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Running Missions Post 72:

Running Missions P72 Image 1

Running Missions P72 Image 2

Running Missions P72 Edit 1 @ 21:56:
Running Missions P72 Image 3

Running Missions P72 Edit 2 @ 22:06:

Running Missions P72 Edit 3 @ 22:31:

Anomic Agent Gurista Updated Enyo Fit

Anomic Agent are burner mission.

Running Missions P72 Image 4

Anomic Agent Gurista

Burner guide on agent worm on how to kill it as always fitting linked

[Daredevil, Agent Gurista]
Coreli A-Type Small Armor Repairer
Magnetic Field Stabilizer II
Core A-Type Armor Kinetic Hardener
Core B-Type Armor Kinetic Hardener

Stasis Webifier II
Small Electrochemical Capacitor Booster I
Coreli A-Type 5MN Microwarpdrive

Light Neutron Blaster II
[Empty High slot]
Light Neutron Blaster II

Small Auxiliary Thrusters II
Small Anti-Kinetic Pump II
Small Ancillary Current Router I

Running Missions P72 Edit 4 @ 22:41:
Running Missions P72 Image 5

I only killed one of the 3 NPC at the gate and had to repair.
I’m going to pick my Tracking Computer in Ibura, 1 jump away.
I forgot I had a blue Armor Repairer.

Running Missions P72 Edit 5 @ 23:11:
Over 1 hour and around 50% of NPCs near the 1st gate are dead now.

Running Missions P72 Edit 6 @ 23:54:
Running Missions P72 Image 6

Out of Ammo, forgot to use the drones too!

Running Missions P72 Edit 7 @ 00:56:
Running Missions P72 Image 7

Running Missions P72 Edit 8 @ 01:02:
Running Missions P72 Image 8

Running Missions P72 Edit 9 @ 01:30:
Running Missions P72 Image 9

3rd group must be killed apparently.

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Running Missions Post 73:

I failed the last Mission’s Bonus time reward, however, it is only around 800,000 ISK or so (920,000 ISK), so anything over that amount can make up for the value of the ISK.
However, the time gained from completing early is another story, as for the worth of the time.
I was short by a few seconds because I didn’t know that I had to complete the 3rd group.
In fact, for the Guristas mission, the whole pocket had to be cleared before the Mission was completed.

Running Missions P73 Edit 1 @ 16:31:

Penumbra, Level 4 Epic Arc

Epic Arc Overview

Standings Required: +5.0 Caldari State (Faction) or Expert Distribution (Corporation)
Additional Requirements: Hacking III (skill) and Data Analyzer (module)

Running Missions P73 Image 1

Caldari State Base Standing 3.02

Running Missions P73 Image 2

Running Missions P73 Image 3

Running Missions P73 Image 4

13d with +3 Genolution Implants and the current Attributes.
Even when flying an interceptors, it is still possible to get trapped. Pilots should take care to use D-scan, insta-undocks, gate perches, the cloak trick, and so on. Pilots may also wish to review the procedure for creating a safe spot on the fly in case of confrontation with hostile players.

Running Missions P73 Edit 2 @ 16:47:
Running Missions P73 Image 5

I can fly Caldari and Amarr Interceptor on one pilot,
and Minmatar Interceptor on another pilot.
Standings required: 3.00 (Either Minmatar faction or Republic Security Service)
Standings required: 3.00 (Either Amarr faction or Amarr Navy)
Standings required: 3.00 (Either Angel Pirate faction or Dominations)
Additional skills required: Hacking.

My Standings are:
Minmatar Republic -1.07 or Republic Security Services 1.6
Amarr 2.63 or Amarr Navy 1.6
Angel Cartel -4.64 or Dominations 0.0
none of them match on this one pilot.
The Claw Minmatar Interceptor can be used to fly the Guristas Epic Arc.
Standings required: 3.00 (Either Gallente faction or Federal Intelligence Office)
Standings required: 3.00 (Either Caldari faction or Ytiri)
Standings required: 3.00 (Either Guristas Pirate faction or Guristas)
Additional skills required: Hacking.

My Standings are:
Gallente Federation -1.4 or Federal Intelligence Office 2.29
Caldari State 4.13 or Ytiri 1.6
Guristas Pirates -7.09 or Guristas 1.14

now, this one Caldari State 4.13 standing qualifies to over the 3.0 requirement.
The Tanaris and the Crow can also be piloted for this, which Crow this one pilot can fly.
I don’t know the standing of the Minmatar Claw pilot.
I will try to verify later.

Running Missions P73 Image 6

Those of the standing of my Minmatar Claw pilot, however, those are not the derived standings.
I will verify after this.

Running Missions P73 Edit 3 @ 17:24:

Guristas Epic arc problem

Mission 8 - Culling the Weak

In this mission you chose between two paths: You either help Irichi Path and take mission 9a, 10a, 11a and 12a or help Kori Path and take missions 9b, 10b and 11b. The final rewards are the same.

Smash and Grab/Chapter 3: Internal Security (Irichi Path)

Smash and Grab/Chapter 3: Internal Security (Kori Path)

Running Missions P73 Edit 4 @ 01:32:
Running Missions P73 Image 7

My Standings are:
Minmatar Republic 1.61 or Republic Security Services 1.6
Amarr 1.13 or Amarr Navy 1.6
Angel Cartel 0.36 or Dominations 0.8

Gallente Federation 1.18 or Federal Intelligence Office 1.65
Caldari State 1.05 or Ytiri 1.6
Guristas Pirates 0.8 or Guristas 1.18

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Running Missions Post 74:



To start the Epic Arc you must have a standing of 5.0 or higher with Expert Distribution or the Caldari Faction.

These missions have great rewards, but do require some advanced skills and ships to complete safely. Recommended:

  • You can easily solo Level 4 missions
  • A proper PvE fitted battleship or equally capable ship such as a strategic or heavy assault cruiser. Kinetic is the best damage for all missions with thermal being second best. The incoming damage is also almost completely kinetic and thermal with single mission dealing also electromagnetic damage. The incoming damage is not very high and all combat missions can be blized so some tank can be sacrficed for speed in ship selection.
  • An instawarping frigate (low sec hauling) OR instawarping interceptor (null sec hauling)
  • Data analyzer and ability to use it (only Hyasyoda path)
  • Blockade runner (low sec hauling, only Caldari State path)

Blitz: (from

  • T3 Strategic Cruiser + Mobile Depot + Data Analyzer module is a fast setup for completing combat missions.
  • Use an Interceptor or other fast Frigate with nanofiber and/or warp core stabilizers for missions into low/nullsec space.

Running Missions P74 Edit 1 @ 00:22:
Running Missions P74 Image 1

Venal, The Guristas Region, is on the top part of the map / universe.

Running Missions P74 Edit 2 @ 00:33:

Running Missions P74 Image 2


… While operating in nullsec does mean that warp bubbles may be present, interceptors are a suggested ship for the arc, so they may not end up posing a threat. Pilots should, however, still be familiar with how bubbles work and how they affect both inbound and outbound warps.

Ships and fits

Running Missions P74 Image 3

Regardless of the chosen ship and fitting, pilots should carry modules for travel and combat:

  • Nanite Repair Paste or Cap Booster chargers (if the fit requires them)
  • Nanofibers
  • Warp Core Stabilizers
  • Damage modifiers (Ballistic Controls, Magnetic Field Stabilizers, etc.)
  • Warp Disruptor/Scrambler

Mobile depot is required to refit due to low number of stations.

For some missions pilots may feel the need to swap out agility for tank, or vice versa. While traveling home with loot, warp stabilizers may provide some peace of mind. For pilots who are supremely confident in their piloting skills and don’t mind the risk, there are fights to be had in Venal, so those pilots may wish to bring a warp scrambler/disruptor. However, PVP is strongly discouraged during this arc. Losing a mission item will result in failure, and pilots must wait three months to start the arc over again.

Running Missions P74 Edit 3 @ 00:47:

General Tactics

  • Periodically check your star map for ship kills, pod kills, and jumps in the last hour. Compare these systems against your mission route to see if you can avoid those systems, or wait until the action has subsided.
  • The D-scan button is hotkeyed these days, so there’s no excuse not to mash it constantly. Do a 360 scan every few seconds while running your missions. Look for combat scanner probes first and foremost (this is the only way pirates can find you inside a mission’s deadspace pocket), but also keep an eye out for other ships so you know who’s active in the system. You’ll see lots of assault frigates and interceptors flown by other missioners and those hunting them.
  • Some missions include waves of frigates and destroyers that can be quite punishing. Don’t be afraid to cherry pick a few, dock up, repair, rinse, and repeat.
  • Once you accept a mission you should minimize the agent conversation window instead of closing it. This way, once your objectives are complete the window will pop back up, giving you a clear indication that your work is done.

Running Missions P74 Edit 4 @ 13:17:
Running Missions P74 Image 4

You know when they use your work and analysis to design weapons against them, to try to keep you marginalize and poor, and then, try to get away with it with those who they care to associate with in attacks against the said work.

The same when they turn your good work into weapons against others, they are the same people designing that.

They can also aggravate it by trying to cover their intentions, which would require additional scientific detection methods to prove it.

They also create other moral conflicts for over 73 years, 75 years in the next 12 months; that can be over 4 generations, going on to the 5th, possibly, also in the next 12 months.

Running Missions P74 Image 5

Running Missions P74 Edit 5 @ 13:41:
Additionally, the Agency info is now missing from the system.

Running Missions P74 Edit 6 @ 13:51:
Found it back again, some 10 or 5 minutes later.
It’s in the main menu , not one of the 4 other submenu options.
Running Missions P74 Image 6

Running Missions P74 Image 7

Running Missions P74 Image 8

Running Missions P74 Edit 7 @ 13:56:
Running Missions P74 Image 9

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Running Missions Post 75:

I heard this last week that it’s possible to make 400m ISK per hour doing level 5 missions.

Eve online Level 5 Mission Timelapse (490mil/h)

Gustav Mannfred

Published on Sep 15, 2018


You can make more than double that using carriers. I use a barghest for certain missions. I’ve never seen someone use a barghest on some of these missions though. Pretty interesting to see different ways of doing things.

Yes, I can train to get a carrier and I would like to make more .
Or 2 carriers.
Carriers are more affordable than a Rorqual for me to start.

3 :slight_smile:

Yes, never 2 without 3, not even in 2018.

Barghest are much lower cost though.

Running Missions Post 80:

Running Missions P80 Image 1

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Running Missions Post 81:

You tube video with fit data:
Eve online Level 5 Mission Timelapse (490mil/h)

[Barghest, L5]

Caldari Navy Ballistic Control System
Caldari Navy Ballistic Control System
Caldari Navy Ballistic Control System
Ballistic Control System II
Missile Guidance Enhancer II
Experimental Hyperspatial Accelerator

Heavy Electrochemical Capacitor Booster I
Missile Guidance Computer II
Missile Guidance Computer II
Large Micro Jump Drive
Sensor Booster II
Sensor Booster II

Cruise Missile Launcher II
Cruise Missile Launcher II
Cruise Missile Launcher II
Cruise Missile Launcher II
Cruise Missile Launcher II
Cruise Missile Launcher II
Drone Link Augmentor II
Drone Link Augmentor II

Large Bay Loading Accelerator II
Large Hyperspatial Velocity Optimizer I

Acolyte I x5

Targeting Range Script x2
Missile Range Script x2
Nova Fury Cruise Missile x1140
Missile Precision Script x2

  • for the Fortress, I fit a 1600mm plate and a reactive armor hardener instead of the accelerator and MGE, plus a 2nd cap booster and battery instead of the MGC’s

  • for the Sansha missions, I fit a EM and Thermal hardner plus armor rep instead of the accelerator, T2 BCU and MGE

All done in Barghest.
Try EVE free:


Running Missions P81 Image 1

1 x Barghest 823m Amarr

Running Missions P81 Image 2

1 x Chimera 899m Odebeinn - Metropolis only in low sec or lower security.

I will try to verify the fit cost.
The Carrier drones are cheap at 10m each or less.

Running Missions P81 Edit 1 @ 02:04:

  • Caldari Navy Ballistic Control System - 3 x 95,799,999.99 ISK

  • Ballistic Control System II - 1 x 499,000.00 ISK

  • Missile Guidance Enhancer II - 1 x 1,049,990.00 ISK

  • Experimental Hyperspatial Accelerator - 1 x 20,999,999.99 ISK

  • Heavy Electrochemical Capacitor Booster I - 1 x 46,000.00 ISK

  • Missile Guidance Computer II - 2 x 1,499,999.00 ISK

Running Missions P81 Edit 2 @ 20:38:

  • Large Micro Jump Drive - 1 x 1,490,000 ISK in Amarr

  • Sensor Booster II - 2 x 1,155,880 ISK in Jita

  • Cruise Missile Launcher II - 6 x 2,219,996.96 ISK in Jita

  • Drone Link Augmentor II - 2 x 1,169,975 ISK in Jita

  • Large Bay Loading Accelerator II - 1 x 51,799,998.02 ISK in Jita

  • Large Hyperspatial Velocity Optimizer I - 1 x 5,850,573 ISK in Amarr

  • Acolyte I - 5 x 1,977 ISK in Dodixie

  • Targeting Range Script - 2 x 5,499 ISK in Dodixie

  • Missile Range Script - 2 x 5,500 ISK in Jita

  • Nova Fury Cruise Missile - 1,140 x 424 ISK in Amarr

  • Missile Precision Script - 2 x 5,278 ISK in Jita

  • 1600mm Steel Plates II - 1 x 2,919,999.00 ISK in Rens

  • reactive armor hardener - 1 x 499,333 ISK in Amarr

  • Armor EM Hardener II - 1 x 1,797,920.97 ISK in Amarr

  • Armor Thermal hardener II - 1 x 2,248,997 ISK in Jita

  • large armor repairer II - 2,036,479.95 ISK in Rens

400,135,779.66 ISK fit + ship = 1,223,135,779.66 ISK,

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Running Missions Post 82:

Running Missions P82 Image 1

The Seekers Investigation
0/20 Tasks Completed

with a Rifter symbol icon.

The current Slasher frigate is not equipped for PvE Mission at this time, and I am pretty sure I have other pilots that can do Minmatar and Gallente Missions.

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Excellent thread. The style is like a piece of art and I have been thoroughly entertained reading it.

Please keep us updated.


Running Missions Post 84:

Running Missions P84 Image 1

We can do level 5 quests.
All you have to do is join me or ask for a fleet invite.
I should have a Carrier or get a carrier to join us, to tank them.

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Running Missions Post 85:

Running Missions P85 Image 1

Going back to the Machariel because I failed to sell 2 ‘Absolute’ boosters in time, at around 50m each or so.
I didn’t even verify their sale value before.

Running Missions P85 Image 2

They were 250m each, so, half a billion, not bad.

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Running Missions Post 86:

I will try to run a mission with an alpha clone since all my accounts currently are alpha.

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Running Missions Post 87:

I did Explorer Mission 2/5 from the Career Agent(s) in Akiainavas (Caldari).
I’m now finishing the Hacking Data Site 3/5 and will log.
It’s on OBS so I’ll update it here.

I have to edit the soundtrack.
I also missed the hacking mission, and only recorded 20 seconds after it was finished.
It is now the Relic Site there.
I will then go try the other Career Agent system (2nd or 3rd out of 3) for the Hacking data site.

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