[UNF-A][Humanitarian Aid] Lirsautton VI Medical Response

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Thank you, Mr. Searbier.

I’d like to reiterate to others, that as a foreign entity, both to GalFed and the Jin-Mei, UNF is very limited in options regarding Lirsautton with the ultimatum given, and has been repeatedly met with silence with attempts to reach out to the Sang Do, baseliner and capsuleer alike.

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As we move in closer to the deadline, and with the continued silence of private communications attempts to the Sang Do, the UNF would like to publicly ask for the Sang Do to allow more humanitarian aid to pass onto Lirsautton VI, even as we move to comply with their current ultimatum. This request is not just limited to being broadcast here on the IGS, which can have very limited reach, it will be spread to other public GalNet platforms.

The UNF would also like to make an officially apology for any perceived offenses made in the pursuit of humanitarian interest.

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Just like his notions of peace.

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Ms. Newelle, I believe you may have made an error in posting location?

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No, I have not. A bit late perhaps, but the correct thread.

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ah, I missed Ms. Del’thul’s response earlier in the thread.

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Have no fear, the Scope’s Galactic Hour with me, Ret Gloriaxx, is on the scene and reporting to more GalNet platforms than you can imagine possible, throughout known space and beyond!

I can also confidentially reveal that I have brought the plight of the poor huddled masses below, on Lirsautton VI, to the attention of some very special personal friends of the Galactic Hour and me, Ret Gloriaxx.

More news to come, as it breaks, on the Galactic Hour with Ret Gloriaxx.

Keep up your efforts, good capsuleer humanitarians!

Your Galactic Correspondent, on the Galactic Hour,
every Hour, every Galaxy,

Ret Gloriaxx

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Mr. Gloriaxx! Did you take on an understudy recently?

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Ms. Priano! As you see, all our elite roving reporters are Gloriaxx-levels of handsome and equipped with the finest, immaculately-tailored newshound-wear!

Remember! The Scope’s Galactic Hour with Ret Gloriaxx, for your news every Hour, every Galaxy!

Ret Gloriaxx

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His dreams of peace may be singed, but they are hardly scraps and very much still alive.

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Ah, Mr. Gloriaxx! Thank you for the attention you’ve deigned to spare to this effort! The UNF, and all involved, previous or current, are quite thankful for such an esteemed voice from the Scope to be working on this.

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Greetings, As a local to Lirsautton I would like to offer any assistance needed. Extremis R&D is at the disposal of Lirsautton VI.

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I had the pleasure of meeting with Mr. @Hoovand_Lindus for an interview a few days ago about the humanitarian efforts, and it was recently released.

The UNF is continuing its efforts groundside, and tomorrow night, at 19:00 New Eden Standard, will conclude its groundside operations and transferring remaining aid supplies to the Aidonis Foundation, and will continue to maintain its presence in orbit organizing further supplies to be given over.

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Mr. Rank, thank you for coming forward. While UNF is pulling from direct ground operations until a response can be gotten from the Sang-Do caste, any material aid that can be provided to be transferred to the Aidonis Foundation on the surface would be most appreciable

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With the recent update to the Lirsautton situation, the UNF would like to bring forward a statement of compliance to finish removing assets from the surface, as was originally planned. Any individuals and organizations that contributeed directly to the UNF’s aid effort has our great thanks.

The UNF has plans to go forward with the relocation efforts proposed as solution

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Hmm. Interesting turn of events described in the news article. Overall I am glad this matter can be settled in a good way.

I happen to own some colonies on planets in the system. Back in the day they were founded with the approval of Xun Yu, the leader of Sanxing (which I was a member of, back in the day) - the organization that coordinated the efforts for stopping the civil war on Tei-Su, with the aid of many capsuleers. He had a lot of influence in the system, all in a good way.

But anyway, even with a ban on capsuleer colonies in the Lirsautton system, this will be a fair price paid in the interest of the exiled people who are receiving help from ARC, UNF-A and the rest of us capsuleers who provide it.

I would advice against the ban, since it would hurt the interstellar trade in the system, but I guess it is their decision, so I will respect it.

I send my gratitude to all the involved capsuleers and to Ensî Beatrice Batteuse and Ensîl Consort Jeras Alaila, for stepping up and doing the negotiations with the Sang Do council. And I really thank the Sang Do for listening.

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On a second thought. If the colonies ban goes live and the Jin-Mei continue to exile people on Lirsautton VI, there will be no chance for any of these people, if they are being neglected, to broadcast a signal for help, be it illegal or not. Well they may find another way in this case, but with the ban on capsuleer colonies, their chances get slimmer.

I really hope that we can negotiate stopping of the exile practices on the planet and convince the Sang Do to consider colonizing the planet once again, for the benefit of all Jin-Mei.

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The humanitarian crisis, for the time being. Is over. Combined efforts from multiple individuals and organizations, utilizing multiple freighters and smaller industrial transport vessels, have successfully evacuated the exiles of Lirsautton VI to Luminaire with minimal incident. They are currently at the Luminairee VII - Moon 4 Federal Administration Bureau Offices station, undergoing quarantine and processing before they are transported to Central Garoun on Gallente Prime.

The UNF would once again like to thank all those involved up to this point, and once again especially to the Ensînate for their intervention in the matter, and the Sang Do for allowing this resolution to come to pass.

The aid supplies originally planned for transfer to the Aidonis Foundation for their extended humanitarian campaign on Lirsautton VI will still be given to the Aidonis Foundation to be deployed to other humanitarian efforts that they may already be dealing with, or may deal with in the future.

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A job done well. I am proud of everyone involved.

After the message of Mr. Arturio Kiervalani we learned that the planet is not fully terraformed. I would advise the Sang Do to consider plans for deploying terraforming structures and continue the process for making the world a welcoming place. It will be a grand task and I am sure many capsuleer organizations can help in that regard. It is very important to continue the negotiations in this direction, so that the exile practices on the planet to be stopped. Otherwise it will be just the same world wasting and life wasting practice, that is not benefiting anyone. We should continue negotiations attempts with the Sang Do.

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