[UNF-A]Official Statement on Involvement in Intaki

Good evening pilots.

The purpose of the UNF/VC’s deployment of assets in the Intaki system, and on Intaki Prime, is to support and reinforce Intaki Militia and ILF forces against the Onikanabo Brigade and Lai Dai Protection Services.

Among the spaceborne assets currently committed are two(2) Chimera class carriers, one(1) retrofitted to act as a hospital base ship, seven(7) Exequoror class cruisers retrofitted into mobile hospital vessels, eight(8) Wolf class Assault Frigates, two(2) Deimos class Heavy Assault Cruisers, and four(4) Enyo class Assault Frigates.

Ground assets committed are three(3) divisions of Windstalker Installation Security Operations personnel, including veteran units of Arcology Security Operations(ArSec) that previously participated in the defense of the Masariin Gazaar on Eugales VI, four(4) attached CBRN specialist units, one(1) squadron of Defensive Utility MTACs, and one(1) company of Armored Personnel Carriers. Additionally, advanced CBRN equipment and HazMat Detection Systems have been procured to be supplied to deployed UNF assets, Intaki Militia/ILF units, and if so requested, to Mordu’s Legion forces.

All UNF ground units will adhere to a strict Rules of Engagement when dealing with marked Lai Dai Protection Services units, with standard force escalation protocols. The Onikanabo Brigade will be given less leniency in this regard, and will be considered, after first warning, in hostile action. Any unmarked warclone units encounter will be considered hostile, and Kill On Sight, and will also be reported back to a designated Bosena Accords liaison accompanying UNF ground assets.

Thank you for your time,

Lauralite Delilah Anne Brezia
United Neopian Federation


At current, ICRS has 234 operatives in place as well as planet-side assets that need to be removed. Our operatives carry no identifying markers and are well away from civilian domiciles and infrastructure. Per our own statement, ICRS requests a twelve (12) hour delay to the UNF KOS order against unmarked operatives with which we will utilize to vacate the premises according to our pre-announced time table. To specify, we request ten (10) hours to begin evacuation orders and another two (2) to facilitate delays as we expected to have more time prior. We expect to be out of system by 2000 hours.

Phirm ilenge.
Neramav Aurora Amadi
Icarus Conflict solutions


Ms. Amadi, you will have those twelve hours, but I cannot offer you more than that if delays push beyond your extended timetable. SecOps units will not be actively hunting for unmarked units, but should any be encountered after your evacuation timeline elapses, they will be engaged.



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