Unicorn Prosper Market Management Second Edition

-Market Management- We do the market for you.
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Lets do this again.

We prosper our isk, each others isk and your isk if you are interested. With payouts of 4% every calendar months last day. (No matter when you start Prosper). Also you get 1% from every third month profit.

If you want to lock your isk with us for a longer period, this is also possible, and you get higher % every month.
This is cause we can use all your isk in higher Risk assets to get bigger profits over time.

We will accept isk and “Prospers” up to the point that we can handle.

If you want to prosper your isk with us there is no lowest investment. ( But below 500Mil your not eligible for % of our profits).

Id prefer a message or a convo before every Prosper Investment or Cash Out.
If that dont work for you sending isk with note attached works aswell, and we will contact you asap to make sure you know whats going on.
Cash Out is possible at any time,( but not earlier than first month, Then you get your isk+%)
Cash Out after the first month has passed, is possible at any time, and will be in action within 5 min -2 days.

Eveyone who has invested will also get 0.01% of our own profits when our investment has trippled our money. Yes thats about 2.0 Bil isk over time for everyone who prosper their isk with us.( This includes anyone who ever invested with us).( But not below 500Mil isk). this time it will be alot more.

Extended time deals: You cant withdraw before the period has ended.
-1 month 4%
-3 months 5%
-6 months 6%
-1 year 8% yes a year locked with us gets you almost double the isk.+ our profit.

We are happy to announce that our predictions went the way we wanted.
Thank to all of you who invested we made 134Bil isk into 341Bil in 2 month before Est time.

Payments has been delivered among the invested isk.
Total payout is now at 98Bil isk. and we made about 200 bil.
So thank you all who participated.

We are now doing this again, but we have now 200Bil to invest+ whatever you guys invest. ( so dont send isk to the corporation this time, the corp is offline :))). Mail me and send to me.

We are changing the corp name as we speak( personally i dont like the old one), i will update when i have a good name.

Worth posting here: I’ve been invested in this since October and haven’t heard from OP since December

Why anyone invested in this, is beyond me.

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