Short Selling Opportunities

Ok so we are going to give this a test run.

I will be offering short selling to any player. For a fee.
So this is the deal anyone that wishes to short sell should convo me in game or send me an Eve mail.

The Rules (Please read before contacting me for these rules will not change)

  1. Items will be given out as loans to players
  2. These loans are only payable in the items they were made in
  3. A interest rate of 4% per month for the initial cost of the items will be charged at the beginning depending on the amount of time someone wants the items.
  4. Do to the high amount of risk with these items collateral will be at least 50% more then the value of the items
  5. Items will not be given out to anyone no mater the standings without collateral held by a third party
    (This is do to the fact that the loan is high risk if the market rises 30% and your loan comes duo you must buy these items to pay the loan or lose your collateral)

My hope is that this provides new opportunity to market traders all over the game please Eve mail me to set up

out of curiosity, is anyone doing futures trading as well? I’m not personally interested in doing it, but it seems like this is the kind of stuff that ought to be happening in EVE already.

i have not found one yet. I’m here hoping that we can get some more investment opportunities started

I’m a little skeptical. If someone takes items from you, you then know when the repayment is due and can potentially manipulate the price of the item upwards which will increase your overall profit.

Anyway, what are the benefits of taking items over just borrowing isk?

Well for one if you take isk and buy something with it you are saying you think the price will go up on that item but if you take the items and sell it with the idea that you will pay back the idems then you are saying the price will go down. Also the broker only makes the fee and makes nothing from the price change of the item.

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