Unicorn Prosper Market Management

Information about us.

We are a tight group of people who have played eve almost since start. We have been alla round eve, and done possibly everything ethe game has to offer.

We since a few years back have basicly only done marketing, mostly thats where we find its easy to Double, Tripple and even multiply the isk by several times over.
But also there are times where our thoughts are wrong and it takes more time to get back on track, for that invested isk.

Some types of trade takes time and other can go very fast. We call this High/Low Risk assets.

We are all very active in market on all 4 corners of eve as of now, and we all got atleast 5 characters on spots in eve for our marketing purposes.

More isk equals more profits.

Here is what we offer.

-Market Management- We do the market for you.

We prosper our isk, each others isk and your isk if you are interested. With payouts of 4% every calendar months last day. (No matter when you start Prosper). Also you get 1% from every third month profit.

If you want to lock your isk with us for a longer period, this is also possible, and you get higher % every month.
This is cause we can use all your isk in higher Risk assets to get bigger profits over time.

We will accept isk and “Prospers” up to the point that we can handle.

If you want to prosper your isk with us there is no lowest investment. ( But below 500Mil your not eligible for % of our profits).

Id prefer a message or a convo before every Prosper Investment or Cash Out.
If that dont work for you sending isk with note attached works aswell, and we will contact you asap to make sure you know whats going on.
Cash Out is possible at any time,( but not earlier than first month, Then you get your isk+%)
Cash Out after the first month has passed, is possible at any time, and will be in action within 5 min -2 days.

Eveyone who has invested will also get 0.01% of our own profits when our investment has trippled our money. Yes thats about 2.91 Bil isk over time for everyone who prosper their isk with us.( This includes anyone who ever invested with us).( But not below 500Mil isk).

Extended time deals: You cant withdraw before the period has ended.
-1 month 4%
-3 months 5%
-6 months 6%
-1 year 8% yes a year locked with us gets you almost double the isk.+ our profit.

Pm us for more information or if you once again want to know how our investments are going.
Pm us if you want to know more.
Ingame Public Chat: Unicorn Prosper Public

If we at any point feel this might be to much for us to handle, we will tell you in advance and isk and % will be returned, while we find a more fitted solution.

/-Unicorn Prosper Foundation keeper-


I got a few mails about some thoughts about this being a scam, and also questions about how we plan to be able to invest and have isk ready for withdraws/Cash out.

So id thought there probably will be same questions here.

We basicly will just continue with what we done for almost 2 years( continously).
The reason we came up with the idea was when we always on later days never have any liquid isk. Almost all our liquid isk is right now invested in several areas.

This lead us to think about other friends we got who never do marketing. They got isk in wallet that can be used to make even more isk, but they just dont do it. " Insert reasons".

We started to ask them if we could do that and we could. Now they have almost half wallet with isk and still have their Prospected isk with us for them to cash out.

This was the beginning of our expansion.

Now we want to expand larger than our friends/community.
In Eve there is many ways to make a name for your selfe and your corp.
Hauling, mining, Production the basics you all know right.
But then there is lets say “hidden” areas that people get known for.
Lending isk with collateral, Being a third party, Charity and those.

We want to claim the first real Market Management Corp, where you can let us make profits with your isk/ giving you your share but keeping the extra profit we make of caurse.

What we do when someone want to participate is.
Lets say they Prosper 500Mil.

We will use 250Mil and place in whatever market asset we like.
We will also put the other 250Mil in Cashout account.
This in helps us from emergency selling orders in case of not enugh liquid isk.
This lets us secure that we always have isk enugh for him to cashout.

Our goal is to be known in Eve for what we love to do. And to expand into something everyone can use as a normal thing.

/-Unicorn Prosper Foundation keeper-


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So is this collateralized or a scam?

If you want we can collateralize, But the idea is not that people Prosper Billions of isk.
We rather see different people Prosper 500Mil- maby 3 bil isk. (but thats of caurse just what we want).

Sorry, who are you, and why are you asking for money without collateral?

I am Dehee. Known in the role play part of eve mostly since years back. I’m known for doing my part in both the community and the role play world of eve.
I do take eve seriously and if you look at my corps iv made they all was well thought out and people supported my ideas. Btw “ eve needs more of this kind of people”.

Now to you and this forums community I’m not that known right now, but i will work on being someone here worth knowing.
Most stuff I’ve done in forums is buying characters, maby posting my Corp idea’s, and one of two role play things.

I understand collateral is something that helps in this and I guess that’s where we start then. ( but generally if we collateral half our assets, and get half back in isk) we don’t really get more isk to invest). Unless we collateral assets we don’t have on sale that is.
But it’s of course something we will do if needs be.

/ Dehee

Not right away, no. But that’s also why you start small if need be, and progressively work from there.

Yes, as I stated In latest post, if that’s what we need to do in the beginning, that will be done.:slight_smile:


Ingame we received mixed thoughts, but im glad to announce that we got 14 Outside Prospers.

I am happy to start this with whatever we can get, ( and so far it`s easy to put their isk in motion).

Lets make them and us some isk.
/-Unicorn Prosper Foundation keeper-

Added through request the possibility to lock the isk for a longer time. This can then give you higher % every month.
More information in original post.

Hello all

We have got a few questions ingame, and i thought id ansver them here aswell, ( im sure people might ask this aswell on the forum.

  1. is this payed out through Corporation dividends or just as a wallet transfer?

Answer: This is suppose to just be a simple payout everymonth/Personally from our wallets to the Prosper.

  1. are you offering collateralized investments?

Answer: We talked about collateral in on the forum and we understand that helps, and yes we are possibly going to do that. ( right now we only got low value Prosper people 100mil-a few bil from Outside.) and we dont plan on getting to much isk, but if we do i understand thats an issue that we must solve.

  1. do you have any reports/history/financials that show the returns you’ve gotten over the recent past?

Answer: we move alot of isk around our accounts( depending on where we buy and sell, so its quite hard to accually localize it ( as in reports) but we have, ever since Net worth came to eve, kinda just looked at that and we see how we grow.

4 How are you keeping track of investors?

Answer: We keep track with a simple spreadsheet, but the payout is based on how much you Prosper added by % of our own profit.
Its a pretty basic payout, made so its as easy for us as possible.

  1. Do you have a corporation that the ISK is sent to?

Answer: This is our Public Corporation for this servise. We got a few more but they mainly do market with our isk. So the isk is going to this corporation and will be sent from this character.

  1. When would the first interest be paid out? (And just to be picky would it be possible to have a specific message put in the “reason” section for each payout?

Answer: We payed out to our Prospers recently today (The last day of the month). so next will be in about 30 days.
And yes the payout comes with the note
“Prosper% Monthly funds”)
Then we have what we call high Risk assets that we already have invested heavely in. ( when they have trippled in value, we will give everyone a share of that aswell. 0.01%).
But this high Risk assets is quite alot of isk so 0.001% in a perfect scenario can give everyone of our outside Prospers close to 2.9Bil isk. ( but thats if everything goes perfect). Otherwise something below that.

  1. What’s your average rate of return/profit per month?
    Answer: The return is 4%/ of your Prosper isk/Month
    Then every third Month we evaluate our own Profits from our own pool and gives you 1% of that aswell.

  2. Any more info about Special Rates?

Answer: Yes we got questions about locking isk with us for longer time ( not possible to withdraw at any time that is).
That way we can put that isk into long time Prospering… wich will give us more profit.

This is something we will ofc give to people who want to invest quite alot of isk, or lock the isk alot longer ( its a discussion we have so both feel its good.)

-Unicorn Prosper Foundation keeper Dehee-

Well, that removes all doubt, for sure!

Always a good sign when isk is being transfered around multiple accounts. As we all know in the real world, a lot of upstanding and trustworthy businesses constantly shift money around different accounts. Almost like a laundry machine. Maybe thats what we should call it? Laundry? Laundering? Something like that.

Also, good sign to misspell the word “Answer”.

Also, repeating the word “Prosper” 27 times in 4 posts is also a very very good sign. Different groups headed by brilliant, charismatic and popular men used to do this frequently, to repeat certain words over and over again like a chant. A couple of them may have been arrested though, on unrelated, and im sure, trumped up charges.

Ty Solonius Rex.
i can see that some people dont think this is a real thing we trying to achieve, and i understand that. And i am really sorry for misspelling stuff.
Its not my native language, but thats also no excuse, and i will try harder. ( spellcheck more often, so to speak.

About that prosper comes up several times is basicly what we wanna call it. If its weird or to much i will try call it something else.

We are as i said new at this, we just want to bring our knowledge to a bigger communty and make us and others more isk with doing what we are good at.

The isk transfer between accounts/ or characters, is mostly cause when something is to be bought in jita, we move isk to that character, and vise versa. Saves us time not flying to buy it.



We got 2 more people who liked this idea, No big investors but we like the support just as much.
Ty, and hope they will stay with us.:heart:

-Unicorn Prosper Foundation keeper Dehee-

Updating that we got 4 more people who now making isk with us. Ty all.

Still going strong

Good and Bad things.

Im happy to say thanx for all the support, and what we hade in plans did come true.

We have hade a some long term investors and our goal was to place the isk in that category. We have hade our eyes on a few options, but it went even better than that.
We now got hands on assets for around 22 bil isk, that within 12 month cant go bad. (Unless Ccp does something drasticly)
Our Estemated grows on those assets is between 200%-350% within a year.
Now its just to wait.

Mid Term Assets going steady with about 15-25% profit/month, not much changed there.

Now to some bad news, and i know some of you will say ( yes this is eve haha)

One of our supportive corps that handles short term assets has “What it seems” left with the assets, They did not say anything or have not said anything since.
Due to this we lost some isk.

Estimated loss was only around 12 bil, but still i count this as a setback of some kind.
Our custumers who have their isk in our short term assets will NOT be affected.

we are “as we speak” moving around the mid term assets so that we can mannage our monthly payout as usual. ( so this only affects us)

Now when that problem no longer is an issue, we look forward to a growing future, and no more setbacks.


Price check is selling your character part of the investment?

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