Unicorn Prosper Market Management

nah, iv just got some offers ingame, and that made me curius what i could accually get for Dehee. Its of no impact to our service,
The money is with the corp, and if the case would be that id got high enugh numbers i might hade moved assets and even concidered changing the character.

Offers ingame have been from 85Bil- to just below 100B. so in my head i just wanted to se what she was worth.

If id ever would sell then there would ben a mass mail to our investors with the new character name and why this was done. ( 100Bil can do alot for Unicorn Prosper)

Why would you let another corp handle assets?

Thats over half the amount you got your hands on.

You are a really bad investment.

over half?
Together we have over 120Bil in assets

You said you got your hands on 22 billion isk. But you lost over half of that now to the other corp.

So why did you allow another corp to handle your assets? That seems stupid, as clearly, they couldnt be trusted.

Yes we did get our hands on 22bil in assets( thats a value that we bought stuff for) those assets will be somewhere around 200-250% greater within a year.

This got nothing to do with our other assets.

Yea the reason for us having assets in different corps is that we are in all 4 “corners” or eve. and keeping an eye on it all at the same time. This makes us need to have assets in all areas. Thats hard to do alone.

But yea… it didnt go well for those assets. 12 b lost

We now have a new CEO for Unicorn Prosper. Amarrianna Caldarisson

She will be our new Unicorn Prosper Front face for our Public Investors.
The work will continue as mormal, but she will take my place in this area.

Ty all

Thank you Dehee.
I know some stuff comes your way and this was expected.

I will continue the work you started here, and we hope to prosper as always.
You have done a great job creating this addon to our Corp.


Day old character takes control. One can only assume it’s some veterans alt, but in that case why not use a character that has history and not just a 1 day old throw away alt.

Oh, look, a poster with zero previous history posting to support the OP.

From a character made 3 days ago.


You can do that from a single corp. Its not like you are restricted from travelling too far.

Thats not very reassuring. And now we have a 3 day old character suddenly popping up from nowhere and saying she will take care of things from now on.

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This is just my alt. my 2 main chars are in jita.

Isk will arrive as usual, dont worry.

I’m not Sure what exactly your investing into in the market but you are doing it wrong. Spread out your income into various different items. There is not way you loss money in the market unless you do not understand the market. I went from 27bill in total assets to 50bill in assets in about 3 weeks. Yes, the Market is all I do in the game right now, but if you are putting yourself out here on the forums and asking for investments, then please tell me how you made that big of a “bad investment” to lose 12bill isk.

You referred to each other separately without disclosing, at all, that you were an alt of dehee.

You said “She will take my place in this area”, “I will continue the work you started here”, and “you have done a great job.”

But in actuality, you were talking to yourself, and congratulating yourself?

So if it’s just you, what’s the difference. Why make a new toon and have her be the “face of the company” when it’s the same person?

Do you send email and texts to yourself to congratulate yourself? Do you have two phones, and call yourself to tell you what a good job you’re doing? Do you call your own workplace to leave positive reviews for yourself?

I mean, that’s the level of masterbation thats going on here.


No, he gave the 12 bill to another Corp to do investments on his behalf, and the other Corp stole it. Apparently he needs to work with multiple corps because he wants to reach all 4 corners of eve, despite there being only 3 really serious trade hubs that are doable with just 3 accounts or characters.

Whether the other Corp in question was merely his alt, and whether he simply stole from himself, and is acting as if the isk is gone, is unknown.

Yes. we are partly roleplayers so…yes and yes

Obvious lack of knowledge is…hum obvious

And you’re aware that we call people out when they “roleplay” being both the requester of a loan and the provider of the loan, right?

And you’re also aware as to the reason why we call people out for that, right?

I’m quoting, near very atom, what you, oh, wait, what dehee said in his report

So unless you, uh, dehee has a lack of knowledge as to what is going on and what happened to his assets, then no, no lack of knowledge from my part.