Unit D-34343's Modified Fighter Support Unit x 4 4b each!

As header says,

Contact: Hidden Rorshach

Messge in-game or on discord



I’ll take it, contract to my alt “cherly swindle” pls

i only have 3 left and your character doesnt show up is it spelt right?

ah, “cheryl swindle”, my bad

contract for 3 up

can you accept today?

Back up for sale due to a time waster 5b each

Mate you’re selling them higher than Jita sell. You’re the time waster

I’ll take all 3 at 4B each, contract to this toon if you accept.

at the time of this post they were 5.23b in jita, please dont spread your gene pool anywhere.!

If you actually looked at jita sell instead of being a dumbo you would see that they are actually under jita

4.8 each and their yours and i actually have 4 now.

Oh really, are they 5b in Jita?
In that case, I’m selling x2 for 4.5b each

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There’s 2 @ 4.2 in Perimeter, so 4.8 is too high. Good luck with your sale.


Yikes you guys are pretty mad, i logged in checked the price and logged out again. Comrades dont be those guys that dwell on the forums being snipey and smacking up posts. if you dont want them then dont buy them, you dont even have to post.

4.1b each takes them

Not mad at all friend :slight_smile: trying to help you get a sale lol, 4.1 is a much better price, but you didn’t have the right data before, now you do.
As I said, good luck with your sale.

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Thank you for your service.

Willing to let them go for 4b each

I’ll take all 4 at 3.75 B each. Contract them to me if that’s acceptable :slight_smile:

contract up

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