United Imperial Empire is recruiting

-UIE- Is looking for people to join the Empire.

Are you new to EVE? or a returning player?

We are a group of people who work together towards common goals and generally have fun in EVE, we have Discord and Teamspeak, generally operate in Wormhole space with occasional operations in Empire and 0.0 space.

If you want to make isk, have a laugh, be spontaneous and generally build bonds with your fellow capsuleers then join channel -UIE- Public ingame or drop by our Discord https://discord.gg/Aj5Q5dY even if you just want to chat.

UIE has also created the Imperial Foundation public channel, We are hoping to start giveaway, competitions and PvP tournaments,

Prizes can be isk, ships, mods both high value and low value, this isn’t a scam or con and we will only benefit by having you guys as a community.

There will also be a referral program once the channel has more than 20 active people, by referral I mean a set amount of isk(TBC) by recruiting people to the channel, there will be bonus isk (TBC) for finding recruits for the corp.

This is a new venture we are launching so constructive thoughts are welcome, Please no beggars.

Feel free to join the channel, Discord or convo/mail Caesar Nexus or Jessica Maresh ingame.

Thank you for reading.

We would love to see some more players

We now have both worm hole and nullsec

We are still looking for people to join the family

Looking for a corp? stop by our discord for a chat https://discord.gg/Aj5Q5dY

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