Universal Basic Income in ISK

(Safun Antollare) #1

Have you considered Universal Basic Income in EVE? That every active player will get some basic amount of ISKs - high enough for some undeveloped players to invest in ships or resources? If you have this in some public note regarding this please provide me with the link.
As a game with strong economy and houndreds of thousands players it might be great opportunity to test this concept on a greater scale.

(Sakura Hoshizora) #2

There are already too many isk faucets.

(Safun Antollare) #3

It is the question mostly to the developers - if they have any consideration for UBI. That topic started as the question from UBI community if there is any game that implements UBI and I said I will check EVE - but didn’t find anything on forum so I asked. I don’t mean to close other ways to get ISKs just EVE would be, in my opinion, great testbed for UBI to be exercised.

(Jint Hikaru) #4

So the game gives you free money for doing nothing?

(Safun Antollare) #5

that is basically idea of UBI. Just for being alive human. In game - for being a (logged?) player. Ideally it should be for one account only (in case players have many characters).

(Uriel the Flame) #6

Anyone can create as many accounts and characters as they want (up to three chars per account) so impossible to prevent this being abused.

(Safun Antollare) #7

Yes, that’s right. Some additional ID system would be necessary. I’m not saying it is super easy. Just curious if the developers and community already considered such feature. :slight_smile:

(Safun Antollare) #8

Immediately I thought about using Name + VISA number (smallest $0.01 transfer) + phone number would limit abuses significantly… maybe :slight_smile:

(Nevyn Auscent) #9

Sure, you can have 100 isk a day for doing nothing, High enough to live on for a normal person.
We earn literally millions of isk an hour for mining.
You get ships the size of a 747 for free, you can use those ships to mine enough income for a venture in a couple of hours. You can then use that venture to make millions.

There is no need for a UBI because the scale at which we work is so far beyond the UBI

(Safun Antollare) #10

that’s right. Thanks for your input

(Uriel the Flame) #11

Whenever I saw the subject of limiting accounts per real life person, or a way to request ID or use other form of identifying if several accounts belong to the same person, I always see people, rightfully so, oppose the idea with full strength, often terms like fascism, tyranny and police state enter the discussion and related memes also often arise. So don’t think that will ever be possible to be implemented without losing a lot of players in the process.

(Safun Antollare) #12

to be clear I am not talking about limiting accounts per person - just this feature in real life (not in game) has to be limited to one person - one human.
In EVE, UBI would require discussion if it will attract new players or stimulate economy in positive way… Or any other benefits you may see - and if they need to be limited to character or real person. As stated above there are simple and lucrative “jobs” available to EVE players… so deeper discussion on benefits would be necessary.
Anyway it seems this topic was not broght up before. Thanks for your answer.

(Uriel the Flame) #13

That is the point though, it either provides a useful benefit, in which case it will be abused as anyone can have literally hundreds of accounts if they want to, and if the benefit warrants the effort they might, just like how SP farmers have dozens, some cases literally hundred+ accounts, OR the benefit is useless anyway in which case pointless to bother implementing it.

(Safun Antollare) #14

Right. Point taken. thanks

(Beachura) #15

I mean, in general one is here to have fun. What you’ve done is confused a Career, and Eve-Online. Eve-Online is a game. If you are spending 40 hours in game to ‘have fun’ then it’s not much of a game is it?

(Safun Antollare) #16

Sure the game is for fun. But economy in EVE is huge and UBI could be some additional factor to stimulate some activities. I mean potentially. It seems no one yet thought of this before in EVE nor in other big game…

(Beachura) #17

No, I actually agree. I think a form of basic income could be a potential winner. Eve Online has a reputation as it is for being a ‘Second Career’ and I honestly understand where they’re coming from.

I think this is a sensational idea, provided it’s well thought out.

The next person who says that ‘we shouldn’t be getting anything for nothing’ surely doesn’t understand that they’ve already paid for a subscription using actual, real life currency. I don’t think giving bored / unmotivated players that regularly login a small amount of steady income is a bad thing.

(Uriel the Flame) #18

Clearly not the case since F2P alpha clone state was introduced.

(Beachura) #19

I was under the impression this could be easily restricted to omega clones, and could be a clear marketing / selling point.

(Uriel the Flame) #20

It could, you didn’t mention it in your post though. On that note I think a lot of people will cry that omegas are already too OP compared to alphas, so the floodgates will open (even more). Personally I think the original alpha skillset and abilities were enough already and see no harm in providing more benefits to omegas, and I am a permanent alpha when saying this, but the fact remains people will cry about it nevertheless, not that it should prevent a good feature to be implemented, just saying to add to the discussion of the feature and potential ways of its implementation.