Universal Translator

What about bringing the universal translator to EVE?
Having the option to turn it on to translate another language to yours in chat automatically.
So people speaking Chinese can chat with people talking English, French to Russians, etc.
So it would be like having google translate on auto detect language and translate it to your language of choice, without having to copy-paste it manually.

CCP can barely develop the game as it is. They won’t make and maintain translator. And tying third party to your product and it’s development is just dumb death wish.

maybe a key word selection “help” “tackled” “target” “partner” “aggro” “roam” “kill” “pod”

what would be best is for all these words to be created into a central “EVE Language” the idea would be to allow players to create a basic sentence structure using easily typed words or vocalized words, a central basic Constructed Language of select words this way the players who learn it don’t need to have vast linguistical knowledge to be able to help with different situations.

or perhaps better seen as a kind of “EVE Fleet Battle Language”.

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