Unpleasant Surprise in 0.6 space

Today I warped in a 0.6 system to do some ratting. I immediately noticed that there was a whole bunch of Bloodraiders. Four of them attacked me at once and when I was battling them three Bloodraider Punishers warped in an joined combat. My drones seemed to be reluctant to attack and the BR-Punishers used MWD’s to jump out of range and come back again. I had to warp out three times and leave my drones. I was certain my Arbitrator could not cope with them and went to get a Battlecruiser stationed two systems away. When I came back the Bloodraiders were gone leaving only the wrecks of the ships I had managed to kill. All my drones (15) were gone. I never experienced such a situation ratting in 0.6 space.

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That sounds like a Forward Operating Base.

I just came back to EVE after a longer break. There are many new things I dont understand. This is one of the reasons why I use this forum. Thankful for all hints and informations.

FOBs were added as PVE content and to add a bit of risk in highsec with the Lifeblood expansion in 2017. It’s wise to avoid “diamond” rats in highsec unless you are specifically fit to deal with them - they are quite powerful. The FOBs (aka Pirate Strongholds) are listed in the Encounters tab in the agency.

Xeux is correct.

I was caught like you, though the outcome was…disappointing.

In the NeoCom click ‘The Agency’ then ‘Encounters’. Look at ‘Pirate Strongholds’. If it says ‘Unavailable’, then there’s no Forward Operating Base in the current system. If it doesn’t say ‘Unavailable’, click the panel to find out where the base is. That’s where they’ll be.

They don’t attack straightaway. You have a few seconds to decide what to do, but don’t hang around.

More info; here

Good Luck!


Thank you very much. My problem was too that my Arbitrator was poorly fittet.

Yep, these Diamond Punishers are tough cookies. Got a Mackinaw in Hull as I thought 15 light drones would be enough to kill them and once lost a Vexor aligning too slow. At least they don’t point, so you should be aligned and know your tank when attacking these guys.

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I know what you mean. I had 5 Acolyte out when I had to warp out the first time and they seemed to be very reluctant to attack. I let 5 Hammerhead out the second time and had to leave them too. The 3rd time I lost 5 Hobo II and could barely save my ship. Needless to say, I could not find any of my drones when I came back with my BC and the rats were gone too.

Think if that was the case he would not last 10 seconds alive xD

Not sure if a base was in the vincinity. That group was roaming the belts. The “normal” Frigates were first and the group of Blood-Punishers were about 100 km away.

Encountered a second group today in Minmatar Space. 4 Bloodraider Punishers and 3 other frigs. I managed to warp out before the had a chance to blow me out of space. Those groups are quite a nuisance.

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I used to not worry about rats in high sec belts. I think CCP added these boss npcs to keep those mining botters honest. I learned the hard way trying to get my daily allotment of npcs for SP.

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