Unreal 5

Any plans for EVE to use Unreal Engine 5 graphics?

EVE’s source code and engine are coming up on 20 years old now. They would basically have to re-create the game. Probably not going to happen…

EVE has been improving graphics thru the years. Eve currently uses Unreal 4 so I dont think the code is the limitation.

I did not know that. I thought there would be some kind of major overhaul involved in updating the graphics engine.

Do you have a source for that? I thought the game engine for EVE had it’s own rendering engine and Unreal Engine 4 (deal between CCP and Epic in 2018) was for a different un-announced product?


Yeah, no. CCP licensed Unreal 4 for a wholly independent project, not for the EVE client.



The remaining devs don’t understand the source code, so might as well get them started on something new. Granted it will fail, like every other thing done by CCP outside of EvE itself has failed. But at least these current devs can rightly be blamed fully, then.

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I can imagine EVE’s code probably looks like a mixture of Egyptian Hieroglyphics and an HTML page coded by an 8 year old…


When you think about graphics also don’t forget to think about eyesight after playing for 2-3 hours or more doesn’t matter how high is the resolution for me it’s going to be kind of blurry :joy:

They fked up so good with this DX12, it’s locking my GPU with a single client while I watch some Udemy videos in FF. I almost panicked my Fedora froze.

Btw, I’m not even using DX12, so… yeah UE5.

Well I hope CCP could adopt UE 5 for EVE. Sad I was wrong about that. Thanks for the correction.

It could happen eventually, but like others have said, it will have to be a different client and likely an overhaul of the whole server backend. That’s years of development (5+) and can’t happen as long as CCP is beholden to a player base that whines about not getting anything new every so often.

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