CCP should transfer EVE to UE5 NOW for Nanites!

I’ve watched few demo on YT and it’s incredible.
Future of true massive games!

EVE suffer from low FPS in massive battles fro a long time.
Nanites is cure and CCP must do everything to add it to EVE.
Even if it requiers complete engine change.

I suppose everyone agree that we all need stable 60+ FPS no matter how many ships on screen.

I inject nanites now. HAHAHA in my bloodstream now, nanites flow to BRAIN, feel so sexy, so much KNOWLEDGE, hahaha, nanite power!

Whatever nanite you’ve got smokin’ inside that bong isn’t good for you. At all.

While UE5 looks really promising, I have serious doubts that ccp or any other company would rebuild the same game from scratch a entirely different engine.

(Personally I really love what you can do with blueprints alone and how easy you can implement all kinds of game mechanics)

And on top of that ccp would have to give 5% of their revenue to epic. Which probably in itself would be a deal breaker.

Don´t get me wrong, imo the pricing is really fair for what you get. But porting eve to UE5 while currently it seems like ccp is just trying to milk as much money out of the game before it eventually dies. It just would not make sense to invest that much manpower, or hire new devs who already are familiar with the workflow in UE, to rebuild the game from scratch.

Also I would not place any bets on the current database being easily being able to be connected to UE and nobody ever tested if the intergrated network code could handle that many people at once as well. So the engine problably would still need a lot of modifications to work with eve.

In regards to client perfomance UE5 will be amazing, but personally I have not seen any information in regards to all the stuff that goes on in the background in multiplayer games for UE5 to even make a rough estimate if something on the scale of EvE could be done in with it.




And whos gonna pay for it? You?

Do you understand how much of a massive project this would be? How much money it would cost?

Unless you are going to pony up the many millions of dollars its going to take to port and rewrite all the code from scratch into UE5 from EVEs native client, not to mention graphics rework and whatnot, this is such a stupid idea.


You mean MORE microtransactions. Game already has it.

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