Unsecure Investors

Anyone doing unsecure investing/loans?

If so what are your terms?

Sure, I’d like to loan any amount of money from you and I can promise you whatever profits you desire in return! 100% legit!

must not have worded the OP correctly, I am looking for investors/lenders. I do not have collateral as I play pretty minimalist and have all my isk tied up in sell orders.

You worded correctly, I just tried to reflect why nobody in this game is going to lend you money, unless you are a close friend they trust. Loans in RL only work because you can do bad things to people who don’t pay the loan back. Like putting them into jail or taking away everything they own. Unfortunately nobody can do that in EVE, since you simply can disappear with all the ISK and nobody can touch you.

oh I understand, been playing since launch, just curious if there are any takers out there

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although looking at Styx it might be worth pulling back and putting out my own loans

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