UoL Corporation - Recruiting Miners/PVE/PVP pilots EU/US TZ

The Unity of Legends corporation has been around since 2007 - Having over 10 years experience in a lot of key areas within Eve.

Our first priority in this game is Fun and RL come first, Whether that be mission running - PVE related activities such as incursions, right through to PVP and fighting in small gangs to the large gang warfare.

We pride ourselves on being honourable first and foremost, we have a can-do attitude with years of experience in Eve, and we can teach out the fundamentals, from Mining and industry to PVP tactics in Lowsec and Nullsec. We have spawned a family of returning members, and gained respect from the people we fight with and fight alongside. UoL has seen its fair-share of wars and is still standing despite things that would have finished other corporations.

Perspective pilots can avail of the following upon joining:

  • Expert help in all areas of Eve - Ranging from industry and mining/ PI/Research right through to PVE/PVP knowledge and knowhow.
  • Access to secure mining from Moons/Belts/ice with the infrastructure in place to get you the best yields on the most sought after Ore’s in eve.
  • Lots of Sites to run whether its Data/Relic or even Combat or WH’s.
  • PVP is plentiful, with access to wide variety of potential targets. We encourage you to fight with our input and knowledge.
  • We have our own industry backbone to support your needs - Ranging from subcap to Capital.
  • Pilots that have a RL first attitude. We are all mature individuals that work and have families, we understand that you can’t always be online to play. We fully support this flexibility within UoL and encourage it.
  • Corp comms.

We expect only a small amount in return from perspective pilots who wish to join.

  • Be on comms.
  • Be Respectful
  • Be Mature
  • Have fun - cause we definitely will either at your expense or with you :slight_smile:

We are a very laidback community of friends, and we have high standards. Whether your 5mil SP or 90mil SP - as long as your mature and have a willingness to learn and work together, we will get along fine.

Please Contact myself in-Game for further details or join our in-game channel UoL Public.


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