Upcoming Changes to Drone Aggression

yeah, I was a 1x myrm/domi/rattlesnake/ishtar pilot when I was new, then 2x domi, then 2x ishtar, then 3x ishtar…

and then they nerfed the ishtar and sentries like 3-4 times overall and… yeah.

By that time I was flying Vindis and NMs in incursions and I started to transition over to gunboats primarily.

Now my main can fly all subcaps but blops and edencom and my secondary, Sylvia here, is almost as good (no hictors/dictors or logi, mostly) at combat subcaps. I enjoy guns, missiles, and drones a lot.

But yes, I’ll always consider myself a Gallente droneboat captain first and foremost. ;D

Then why aren’t you flying them.

I mean, I still do occasionally.

But mostly I fly Paladins/Sleipnir in incursions now, I fly Claymores or Sleipnirs or Leshaks or any marauders (Kronos is most fun, Pallies/Vargurs also great, Golems kinda boring) for L4 missions…

I run anoms with 3x FOF jackdaws on my mains (and on my frig/DD alts) for faction spawns and escalations. Depending on the escalation, I’ll either clear it with the jackdaws themselves or maybe upship into ye olde triple ishtar comp.

The good ol’ Lovetar (4 small deadspace armor remote reps in the highs of all 3 ishtars, repping each other up and repping sentries or heavies that take aggro as well).

For events, I sometimes do confessors or tengus or ishtars but lately I mostly have used my claymores. Tried Ikitursas as well.

Oh, and for WH content mostly Tengus / Basis / Rattlesnakes and for the trig / Pochven content I’ve mostly used Leshaks, Ikitursas, Hurricanes, Muninns, etc.

Yeah well, I wanted to re-sub to fly my domi’s fleet.
I’ve never fired a missile in in all the years between 2009 - 2014

I’m gonna have to seriously consider if i have enough time and money to play EVE with now i’m married and all. I’d set aside the money and everything but this one issue is making me re-think about it as it would negatively effect my drone-boat-playstyle so much.

I’m not a ■■■■■■■ skinner box pidgeon.

Their are 2144 replies at the time I’m writing this so my apology’s if I’m repeating what someone else has already said.

My only issue about this change concerns missions like “The Blockade” where you get groups of rats that warp in at a distance and are quite heavy on sensor damps. Now I know that mobility can overcome this but it’s also quite helpful to be able to dump your drones out into space so when the sensor damps hit the drones auto aggress and attack the cruisers whilst I close the distance to reacquire my locks.