Drone Assign no longer works as a result of patch

As per title, drone assign no longer works with the assignee using an aggressive module to get the drones to attack something. Only the Assigner can aggress using drones.

Was this intentional or a bug?

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Ask in proper place.

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Seems your late for party. :joy:

Forget the stuff below the slash. I just read the ingame tooltips of that settings
So it is not longer intended to assist/guard in PVE situations like incursions and stuff but only in PVP, right?

Well i wonder how “assist” and “guard” shall now be working.
Setting aggressive does not lead to attack them, which is fine by regarding the patch notes

** The ‘Aggressive’ behavior setting of drones will now only cause drones to respond to direct offensive actions taken by another Capsuleer (player) or their controlled drones. Drones will no longer automatically attack NPCs when their behavior is set to aggressive.*

Setting them to PASSIVE however does not lead to them assisting or guarding, too.
Is that feature now intentional broken or what am i missing?

Besides i do wonder what´s the difference now between “aggressive” and “passive”

When Will this be fixed.

CCP made the drone change deliberately - so there is nothing to fix. Working as intended.

This change was rolled back, so drone behaviour is unchanged from its pre-18.12 patch state.

It will likely be patched again in the future after CCP sorts out the Assist functionality vs innate Aggro functionality.

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