Drone bunny?

Tried “Assign drones” to a fleet member while running missions with some friends. The assigned drones do anything but what they’re told to do. They only respond to aggro as if they were guarding the assignee. Are drone bunnies no longer possible ?

Don’t know what was going on with you. All I can say is that drone aggro and assist were working just fine for me last night.

No P2W

Is the bunny using an offensive module? Obvious question but…

@Shipwreck_Jones we tried both ways, assign to, or being assigned to. The drones didn’t care, the assigned ones just behaved as they pleased, although they did focus fire in their own little group. My own drones followed attack commands as normal, the assigned ones did not. (I’ve been drone bunny often enough, even in public fleets)

@Wanda_Fayne yes, combined with a liberal spamming of the F key :grin:

You can’t control drones assigned, like your own. They will only attack what you attack with offensive modules (even just a target painter) (F1). Attacking with you drones only (F) will not cause assigned drones to attack your target.

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I know, the F spamming was just frustration, lol. But no, they did not follow the weapons, they simply attacked whatever else was attacking me (like a set of hobs does when one goes mining, set to aggro and focus fire). My group over here, following the weapons, the assigned group anywhere but over here …

Wouldn’t be the first time that there’s something wrong with my client. From your responses I gather that it should work. I’ll figure it out, thank you for the help. Come to think of it, the guy who “borrowed” me his drones may have chosen “guard” instead, and when I assigned mine to him, he may not even have used his weapons. I’ll have to test again with someone else :grin:

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Drones DO derp.

Possible solutions:
dock, leave your ship, reboard.
abandon drones, reconnect, recall and re-deploy.
eject from your ship in space, then reboard it (do in a safe spot)

If nothing solves it you should file a bug report.

will do, thanks

I am not sure if it is coincidence or just my observation, but drones always seem to manage their own aggro better in SOE ships. Maybe one day I’ll actually validate this with testing…

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Heh, for the event concerning the new gates I fitted a stratios for drones to run the sites for eliminating the npc’s. Worked like a charm. One of my better stratios fits in fact, with quad beams for the small stuff closing in fast (first time those come in handy…). set of heavies, set of mediums, 2 sets of lights, even a set of salvage drones, lol, range beyond 80 km.

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