Is the "Assist" command bugged?

As in the object, i run plexes with multiple drone boats but, so far, i’ve found the assist command to assign drones to the fleet leader to be ineffective, am i wrong with anything? Is it a bug?
ty in advance for any reply

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From a reddit post

the drones will attack the most recent target that the ‘master’ ship attacked. in this case, target 5.

if the target dies they will go idle until the ‘master’ ship attacks a new target. exception being if the drones are on ‘aggressive’ then they tend to ■■■■ off and do whatever they want. drone mechanics are… clunky.

ty, my drones stay idle, simply, they do not attack anyone

Are they out before or after you are attacked?

The best way to manage this is with a civilian Gatling gun on your command drone boat. Use it to redirect drone agro. It has no ammo and range doesn’t matter for its purposes.


Just thinking would a Target Painter do the job too?

I don’t know but I know E-war drawsaggro.

It should because if I use a warp scrambler or disruptor on an NPC my drones attack it so I assume the same applies.

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Any offensive mod including e-war works. Painters are a good choice because all the drones hit harder.

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