Ls drones doesn't work

HI everyone,
IT’s me or I don’t understand why the drones in assist not shoot?
I don’t understand why ??!
if U have tips I’m interest.
Have a good day

I believe drones set to ‘assist’ will target the last thing the ship your assisting aggressed after they were put in assist mode. That would mean if everything has already been aggressed, or the person your assisting just doesn’t aggress anything new, then the drones may do nothing, since nothing was aggressed while they were in assist mode.

Drones will only target things within your drone control range, so they will not react to targets outside this range, though they may follow targets outside this range if they’ve already locked on. This is why they do not react if you’re aggressed from extreme range, and continue to ignore these ships even if they wobble in range. The action that would cause them to react has already taken place, and they were unable to respond when it did. They will behave normally after you manually designate their first target.

The person being assisted can try target swapping. Your mileage may vary. Eve changes a lot, too, so what I’m used to might not be how it works these days.

If I wanted drones to behave as I expect and do what I want, I generally had to manually order them to do my bidding, but I did use assist and defend as fallbacks

I confirm in ls for target drones in assist don’t shoot.
in NS yes

I’m a bit hazy on drone assist mechanics but IIRC drones will not ‘get you criminal status’ as it were. IIRC, if you don’t have/aren’t a criminal and you assist drones to someone, they can’t aggress someone and then your drones go and make you criminal. What I don’t rightly remember is if they’ll assist once you are criminal. I don’t think so, but it’s been a minute, so don’t quote me on that one.

Its been a while, but make sure your safety is set to red.

confirm safety red done in assist waiting target, I scrramble web the man nothing move

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