Drone Assist and Manuel Targeting

If you set your drones to assist a fleetmate, they will help the fleetmate and kill whoever he tries to kill. What happens if my drones are assisting him killing a target (let’s say A) and then I manually order the drones to engage same target A? Will they just kill A and the return to their default behavior of waiting for me to be attacked and engaging whoever attacks me?

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It seems you are more interested in insulting my friends than actually answering my question. I’d appreciate a bump if the original post is a week old, but for such a new post this is little more than a reply that’s not only off topic, but not helping. And if you know the answer and want to show how you know better than my corpmates (since at least 3 of them just set drones to aggresive, order them to kill a target, and then forget about them so they don’t know either), why not show that you know the answer by suppling the correct one?


Since I’m Minmatar I don’t have a lot of experience using Drones as a main weapon, I use them mainly as an assist and backup type weapon when needed.

I looked on Uniwiki but couldn’t find a definite answer.

However in answer to your question, I think they will just go back to orbiting you and waiting for you to be attacked before they engage again if set to aggressive. For them to continue assisting the Fleetmate, you’ll have to issue that command again.

Drones will kill Target A and then Return to default their behavior (Orbit you).
When you press F, you delete the Assist Command…


That is correct.

@TiberianSun371AlexW No need to be aggressive but to be fair, his question is not wrong either. What kind of corp did you join when they themselves cannot answer the question? Especially with over 100 members and then part of an alliance. I mean what you asked could have been easily tested, but I assume that is not easy either when your corp members are rarely the winners in a fight. How is that for a dig?

Drones only follow one order. So any new order overwrites the old order.

After that they go back to passive.

There’s an in game chat channel called ‘rookie help’. They can give you quick help with stuff like this.


Funny thing for the cropmates I have that prefer Minmatar, they only issue a single attack order and then set them to aggressive, so same there! They didn’t even seem slightest interested in drone behavior until we started using more Prophesies and trying to figure out how to be defanged when the primary targe has smart bombs. Players with 3 or more years of experience didn’t have this problem, but many who were newer than 3 years but been areound logner than me didn’t take time to learn about them.

Everyone else, even the pilots that prefer Caldari, tried to experiment with drone behavior and learned some over time that they taught me, but this specific question was one which eluded them. The consensus was since the order is to attack what is already being attacked, this order is ignored.

Eh, the other alliance members treat us the way most groups treat out of alliance blues really.

This is true for now and last year, but that’s going to change someday!

Well, I honestly don’t mind someone going “oh your friends don’t know, well I know better and I can prove it by giving the right answer (plop correct answer here)” but after someone did that once I tended to see more insults without the answer.

I also know I’m not going to get many answers for the Doctor Who event since someone saying “well a maxed SP player in clean clone and a Caracal will have trouble” turned many of them off.

Why can’t these be a 5-fleet filament and balance the encounter for a solo job like how missions are balenced for solo but yo can bring buddies? I digress now I’m off topic on a semi-rant…

I was actually told I was too old to be a rookie, so why was I asking a question? Then someone with a three-year-old toon said he didn’t know why I was in the channel either since I probably had all my rookie questions answered, but he honestly didn’t know either. Then someone else chimed in on if the channel was literally for rookies or…

Some poor guy later sarcastically thanked me for derailing things even though I asked one question and didn’t post anything else. He had to ask his corpmates at HU for something with the career agents and got his answer before the others debated on what counts as rookie. Come to think of it, when I was in that corp, I tended to get more prompt answers there and less delay when I asked for help in the HU corp than the rookie help channel. I also asked a bunch of drone questions back in the day at HU and many of them were unable to answer the more complicated ones such as… this very question actually was one of them,

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CCP defines a rookie, as anybody younger than 30 days in game. Rookie help allows someone to permanently leave rookie help chat after 30 days.

the problem with rookie help, ISD’s when they appear, tend to give misinformation, and so many others that have played for years (myself included) go round and round with others that have played for years on what is or isn’t correct for certain aspects of game play, while others who are in rookie help, are there just to cause trouble and to derail.

This also happens when a rookie doesn’t get the exact version of help they had imagined they would. They tend to deliberately misspell elementary language and complain about the quality of the channel, along with the obligatory ad hominem. :wink:




I goto rookie help and ask the occasional question about structures mechanics or wormholes. I’ve been playing for 10years.

No he wasn’t doubting that I would not need help, he acknowledged that lots of people don’t understand everything in the game, he just didn’t think it counted as “rookie” help anymore. My point wasn’t that they were right (in fact some people on the channel didn’t think so) but that people got sidetracked and I didn’t get the answer to my question. Or the questions of other new players during that time who asked after me during that distraction. Which is actually how I remember what happened I used that channel at 0700 to 1030 or 1900 to 1930 when I was doing career missions motnhs ago and I assume that it doesn’t matter what time of the day it is it would have been the same no matter when I asked.

Lots of negativity in here for some reason. Honestly though, you could have tested it with any random player by fleeting up with him/her and trying drones out on NPC rats.

The correct answer is the last given command overwrites any previous one.

We actually did, and we thought they ignored the attack order. Although that might just be because the rats wanted to kill me so badly it that the drones behaved as if they were still assisting my fleetmate. I suggested we try this on tougher rats, but we also didn’t want to be hunted down by someone so an anomaly that takes longer would be more dangerous unless we warped off whenever someone appeared in local.

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Can’t answer your question…but I love the name. Tiberian Sun was one of the first games I ever bought. You can probably trace mining in Eve back to mining Tiberium. Earth 2150 was similar, and in my view better. Then they ruined it with Earth 2160.


Warcraft: Orcs & Humans, Jurassic War, Total Annihilation, Earth 2140, and C&C Gold+RA for me :slight_smile:

I love my name too, sadly someone has a more “pure” version of my name already here,

I just wish there were keybinds to control specific drones/fighters.

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