Shortcut command for the drones

ok i notes there is no shortcut for the drone like like guarding my allied ships i mine i need to do all by mouse right clicked and the send command to my alt to defend if my mane is getting aggro is there a possible this system can be implemented

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no , unless it’s already there

i was looking and i don’t see any command that will do so under the drones shortcuts all we have is deploy drone return drones focus fire engage the target but no command for the defense allied ships

maybe because there isn’t one.

You are confusing what the function does.
Assist drones doesn’t ‘defend’ your fleet mates. It gives attacking control to them, so that the drones will engage any target they shoot at, and allows one person to control the direction of the drones of up to an entire squad of ships.

Shortcus for assist and guard would help.

that will be a good idea

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