Drone Assist issues in PVP

I’ve had an issue recently where I use a drone bunny (Hyena, Keres) to assist drones, but after killing my first target they do not switch to my next target.

Example: I target ship with my webs/disruptor, the drones all assist and eventually destroy the ship. I target the pod and web/disrupt it but the drones do not assist. Essentially after the first kill, they stop assisting.

I have never had this issue vs NPC’s so I have no idea why it works like this when I PVP. Any Ideas?

Setup: Hyena, 5 Algos with 5 drones each (so 25 total).

I think that in pvp you need to manually tell your drones to attack something. Having drones automatically engage stuff that you’re not attacking through other means creates a setting where your drones may create limited engagement / suspect / criminal timers for you without your explicit input, which is something that can have nasty side efects (especially in high sec.)

For example, say you’re a venture mining in low sec with combat drones out. I decloak next to you in an astero and attack you (this gives me a suspect timer in low sec.)

  • If your drones do nothing, and I kill your pod, I get a criminal timer (can’t enter high sec) and an extra sec status hit,
  • If your drones engage me, we get a limited engagement, which means I get to kill your pod without repercussions.
  • If your drones engage me, we get a limited engagement, and you manage to escape and warp to high sec, the limited engagement means I still get to kill you in high sec without CONCORD intervening.
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Does this only happen vs pods? Or two ships in a row if you test vs players.

Has happened against Pods and other players, which is the frustrating part.

BTW, this is in Null Sec.

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