Update #8 CSM with Mike

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Always glad to hear these updates from you.

I believe that there are a lot of valid criticism and concerns related to the new Skyhook structure/mechanics that push Nullsec towards an even more stagnant Nullsec with the larger groups further pushing out the smaller ones.

I feel that the new Indy ships are interesting and useful additions, and also that they beget a larger indy ship overhaul across the board – all ships in eve should have turret/missile slots, and high/mid/low slots to reasonably fit up a ship that can defend itself (Freighters especially fall into this category). Currently, only the T1 small-cargo ships, DSTs and mining ships are in a decent place with regard to this.

And while the new ships and new models are nice additions, I am once again reminded of the OG Serpentis and Gurista ships that use the exact same model as the gallente/caldari ships. The daredevil was and still is a magnificent ship to look at, and then the re-skinned thorax and megathron are very much left behind – even more so with the addition of SKINS to the game, making those re-skinned ships visually even further left behind with all of the other additions to the game.

I do wish CCP would take some time to revamp and reintroduce “older” mechanics, and bring back older story-lines. It’s been a while since Sansha made a move, the SOE’s expidition into wormhole space and unusual connection to the rogue drones has been left on the shelf for far too long, the Drifters incursions have been completely removed to where few really remember them, and the C5/6 drifters having the same name/model as the ones that will super-cannon you has been confusing for far too long.

This is a thought trap. CCP Games has spent years catering to the anti-PvP crowd by buffing EHP so much that any token DPS is not going to suffice in defense against a fleet bent on killing the hauler in highsec. It only has interesting properties in small gang bait-and-cyno type activities in low/null, but again we’re talking fleets with jump drive capabilities then.

people with those criticisms may not understand how sovereignty works now

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