Upgrade Gaming Room πŸ‘Œ

Upgrade my gaming room from the house to a room at the top of the garage verry old look like β– β– β– β–  hard work, but only 4 day.

My wife said everyday, you need to get more out! ((I play a lot)) i fix the room on top of my garage and Now i go out of the house and goes over to the garage everday, she actually thinks I’m working with something in my garage :ok_hand: :joy: happy wife :joy: win win

Is cost me. 200$ to fix my new room :ok_hand:i just need a refrigerator and coffee machine now and my wife will not se me for looong time :joy:

Day 1

Day 3

Day 4 ready to game :ok_hand:


You tidied that place up very nicely, good job sir.


Very nice, after thought, I am gonna mount my extra monitors. Mine were displayed like that, need quite a wide table eh?!

Got a nice 2x3 foot-ish mouse/keyboard mat. I recommend.


My table is quite small only 1 meter and 60 cm, all to small, for my computer screens,
I must have a bigger one :slightly_smiling_face:

2x3 foot-ish do you have a picture of it? I’m not sure what you mean 2X3 foot :slight_smile:

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one sec, dimension in inches.mouse%20pad


wow is large, verry nice :slight_smile: Such a one I need to have :grin: :ok_hand: only 20$ verry cheap


It’s quality and very comfortable if resting your wrists, several styles, I liked the map. Plus, an optical mouse moves as smooth as silk on it with no border really.

Just one last thing, a person commented my mouse pad was too small. NOW, no one can make that claim as it fits most of my desk.


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