Space at 3840 x 1600

Was it worth it for what my 38" ultra wide U3818DW just cost me?

Yes! Indeed it was! It’s like moving up from a dime store telescope to the Hubble. And the freakin’ thing is curved. Immersion plus.

No screenies for you to look at on your laptop or phone. What’s the point?

Anyway. Just thought I’d post since I’m so chuffed right now.

Mr Bernstein :sunglasses:


Sounds like something I’d love. Do screenshots do it justice? Or phone pics of your set-up?

oh are we hardware bragging!?

beat this lads


That’s a hard-core way to store your MP3 stash…

Nope this is the hardcore way to store your tunes.

Babbage’s difference engine is the hardcore way to do your accounts.


Those memories. 4 or 5 years back when I played with that resolution, that was nice.

So sad that you can’t enjoy my current screenshots on your low res U3818DW. And even those screenshots aren’t that large anymore.


Sure. Once one of my kids shows up with their newfangled picture phones. Plus I have to stage it so I don’t show how much of a slob I am.

~ed~ Though I can show you what’s pushing it. I7-6800K with an ROG Strix 1080.

Mr Bernstein :sunglasses:

Here it is

But a picture is nothing like sitting a meter in front of it. Though even with my bad photos, you get an idea what I get to immerse myself into.

Mr Bernstein :sunglasses:


Wanna see my eve setup…
Alienware 15, 15“ of full HD glory!


Such a small font. I think the screen should be at least twice as big to see the letters.

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That’s what she said. :joy:

Well… If you squint and tilt your head just right, you can see who my alter ego is in the chat box there all by himself in his one man corp.

Mr Bernstein :sunglasses:

Sir, you need a 7.1 surround sound system to enjoy the EVE combat music now.

My 5:1 does me just fine. The 15" sub under my desk has gotten me more than one angry call from my neighbors. Mostly when I’m flying in my WW2 combat sims. Those 20mm cannons are flinkin loud.

Mr Bernstein :sunglasses:

But still no screenshots or pictures? It’s almost as if you’re just bragging with nothing.


Or maybe you stopped reading at the first post in your rush to slam the OP?

Mr Bernstein :sunglasses:

ok, just so none else goes home with a blueballs

mostly used for shiptoasting here


Nice rig, with a z270 I’m assuming an i7 kaby lake, 32gb of ram and something like a gtx1080?

I7 6700k @ 4.6
1070 Fe @ 2000 (+500 mem)
16g ddr4 @ 3000mhz
Samsung m.2 boot SSD of some description
2t wd blue
An 850 bronze Corsair psu
All in the original lian li pc-o11
And entirely too much money on ek parts.
Don’t judge me , it just sort of happened.

Gpu 26°c idle and 39-43ish under load
CPU 33°c idle and 50-jesuschristdelidmeorkillme!1!!!1!!1one under load.

im attached to the 6700k, its the only part from the original build that hasent been upgraded .
iv my eye on a binned founders 1080ti i know will clock like a monster,
the lad that has it will be grabbing one of the new cards when they launch

lol I won’t judge, because I’m just as bad, been slowly upgrading mine for a while.

Motherboard is next, didn’t have much money when I built the original so that was one thing that got scrimped on.

Currently running a meh MB with no OC capability, but lots of stuff that will clock when I replace it.
i5 7600k @ 3.8
16gb ddr4
samsung 256 ssd
2tb raid on some old 1gb drives
Corsair PSU
Founders edition GTX 1060
Generic black box for a case