Man I need another new mouse already!

So, I got myself a mouse from that online, deliver next day send the boss to space place.
I have had it a fair few months now and the scroll wheel is getting a bit sketchy. Especially when out worm hole exploring where I use the scroll wheel a lot when scanning. The zoom in and out is getting all trippy.

So I am looking for a replacement. There is a couple of requirements:
I like a solid click on the finger buttons and wheel.
Must last longer than a teenagers first time.
I have fairy big hands so nothing to small. It’s amazing how small things look with big hands….
Based in the UK so unfortunately not on the US market.
Oh, I really do not want my pants pulled down over the price.

Any recommendations out there?

All mostly sensible answers appreciated.


pfft. looks like is now trying to push people to sign up for a paid account. If it starts hiding reviews from you, just clear cookies for the site, and you’ll be able to view it as normal. I love that site. I hope it doesn’t go to ■■■■ because of monetization.

Logitech G402 ($40)
  • Review
  • Wired. 4k DPI. 103g. 2 Thumb buttons. DPI profiles and adjustment buttons.
  • I think logitech stopped making them, so their price is starting to go up. Was a steal when they were selling for 30 bucks, but now they’re selling for 40.
  • Can change DPI on the fly (is useful when you might want to use different DPI’s in a game, such as when sniping).
  • I own this one, and have been pleased with it. The only thing I don’t like about it is that there is raised plastic around the sensor, which causes the mouse to wobble if you remove the pads under the mouse (which you need to do in order to take it apart). Normally, I’ll just throw the pads away if I have to take a mouse apart to replace the sensor, but in this case, I had to fish my pads out of the trash and glue them back on (I certainly wasn’t going to buy a new set). You may consider this a small thing, but I get annoyed with anti-repair design like this. And, of course, lots of brands like to hide screws under pads, but this is stepping things up a notch.
[Logitech G502 Hero ($45)
  • Review
  • Wired. 25k DPI. 1118g. 2 Thumb buttons. DPI profiles and adjustment buttons. Dual mode scroll wheel.
  • Has been noted to be large. So, it might be a good fit for your banana hands.
  • Has a button on the top that allows you to easily switch the scroll wheel between “clicking” and “free spinning”. I used to have a mouse that had that feature, and loved it. The “clicking” mode gives better control for things like scrolling through equiped weapons, while the free spinning mode can act like a turbo button (I first saw speedrunners do this. When they needed to rapidly make the same input, they would map that key to a free spinning scroll wheel, and then just spin the ■■■■ out of it. It works exceptionally well when the game allows you to assign two keys to the same thing. So, you can still use your regular preferred hotkey when appropriate, and your “turbo scrollwheel” when needed.).
  • Comes with weights, but I find this feature to be a gimmick. Mouse weight might not be a big deal if you’re only going to play an hour or two, but it certainly becomes a big deal if you’re a neckbearded basement dweller who often has extremely long gaming sessions. Maybe someone out there can explain why they like heavy mice, but, to me, the lighter the better.
  • Oh, and do note that there are Proteus and Lightspeed variants. The proteus is an older variant that actually costs more, and the lightspeed is the wireless variant -which costs a lot more. So unless you specifically want wireless, you should make sure to get the Hero.
Corsair KATAR PRO XT ($30)
  • Review
  • Wired. 18k DPI. 76g. 2 Thumb buttons.
  • Is extremely light, and is getting good customer reviews in spite of the low price.
  • It does appear to be a little on the smaller side, however, so you might not like it.
Cooler Master MM711 ($36-44)
  • Review
  • Wired. 16k DPI. 62g. 2 Thumb buttons.
  • Same boat as the Katar Pro. Is light and getting good ratings, but might be a little small for you. Moreover, it costs more.
  • Now, the MM720 is a newer variant that only costs 30, but that one is even smaller. Thus, you’ll definitely want to give that one a pass.
  • Is a particularly ugly mouse that reminds me of trypophobia posts.

Okay, there are definitely more mice to check out, but I need to be productive. So this is where I’m going to stop. Here are a few other mice for you to check out, however. And, do note that this list is by no means all inclusive (especially if you’re willing to spend a little more). Anyway, hopefully this helps.

Corsair M55 RGB Pro ($30)
Razer Basilisk X Hyperspeed ($40)
Razor Mamba Wireless ($41)

I’m a big fan of the Ducky gaming mouse (and keyboards). Simple, mechanical, doesn’t even require installing drivers, and has a few extra buttons to make your shortcut keys (I use mine for dscanning etc). Had mine for 5 years (Secret M model), intense use, still works like a charm.
A bit more expensive, but given its lifetime not a bad investment at all, I think. And yes, available in the UK.
Ducky Feather video review

My old mouse died a few weeks ago and I replaced it with a Logitech M110. Simple, standard size, with a cord (I got tired of my first experiences with wireless mice) and features muted button click which feels as robust as any other mouse but is a lot quieter. Price tag some 17 euros.

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