Resource cache enabled

what checking this option does actually do? how does it affect performance vs graphics?

other question: is it possible to somehow change the mouse sensitivity when rotating ships so i dont swing 360 with just a slight mouse movement? i dont mean the inertia which btw i like stiff

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You mean rotating the camera?

thats it. camera rotating sensitivity

I don’t recall a slider for that anywhere.
Get a proper mouse with a button allowing you to change the dpi.
They’re worth it!
Some even have stepless scroll wheels? That’s so awesome! :smiley:

Anyhow, only other option is changing windows settings or finding a program that allows you to do it via a shortcut … soooo … I suggest not buying a laser based mouse. Optical ones are better. The hunt for ever higher dpi purely for marketing reasons did not help improving anything at all.

This probably wasn’t helpful at all, but it’s not really my fault. :blush:

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