RSI "repetative strain injury" and eve

So ive quit the game before a few times and the thing that tipped the balance each time was pain in my mouse arm. I’ve had to go to physio which was less than helpful. one physio suggested using a vertical mouse but they were just reciting a script they couldn’t tell me what they meant by a vertical mouse.

I’ve done research on seating position but all the info i could find was based on sitting at a desk which i’m limited by my disability i have major issues with my knees and ankles so i have to sit on a reclining sofa. I have also found that since i switched to using a trackball similar to the ones ROV. pilots use. Ive been using the new logitec trackman that has a metal plate on the bottom desinged to change the angle.

I was wondering if anyone else had good solutions for mitigating these kind of issues.

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Have you used or considered a trackball? Takes a bit to get used to but once you are comfortable with them they can really be a nice way to go, especially if you like a reclined position.
ELECOM M-HT1DRBK - wireless

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Have you considered putting a cushion under your wrist? I do that and it helps a lot to keep strain from the wrist.

im using the logitec trackman its quite a new one and it does help a lot

I’ve started using a pillow to raise my arm too

As said, use a trackball, even the cheap ones will already completely change your experience. I actually have 2 trackballs and one trackpad connected and can now spend so much time behind my PC that my ass and eyes are starting to hurt way before my arms and hands… But seriously, with trackballs and/or trackpad (combo) use you will simply not even be able to generate any RSI even if you sit 24 hrs non stop.
Already for 8 years or so I am buying the latest most expensive version of Logitech, and they are just wonderful. But I still have two very old simpler trackballs which still function well and are a pure blessing compared to mouses.
And as a side note and extra bonus, the Logitech MX Ergo actually has a precision modus, which allows you to perfectly position all your PI structures at their minimum possible distances. I have the shortest possible connections between all my PI structures with this, and can even replace one in the middle of /surrounded by other ones placing it with millimetre precision!!!

No you shouldn’t buy these ones because with these mouses you will still be using your whole (under)arm, only just in a different angle. Although they are already much better then standard mouses. The whole idea is that you should only be using your fingers because they are designed to make such movements, whereas your arms and shoulders are not designed for such repetitious movements. So only using your fingers is only accomplished by TRACKBALLS: with them you only turn your fingers or thumb according to which type of trackball you use.

Im curios as to the exact nature of the pain?

Is it just the wrist/arm, or is the pain in or radiating into/from the neck and shoulder(back of) area?

Asking cause use of the Mouse/keyboard and in conjunction with wrong sitting positions watching TV, eating dinner, etc prolonged thru out the day can have some detrimental effects on the body.

You will find being able to stretch your hamstrings, and/or back muscles will mostly fix such pain as i described as the actual affect muscles are not in your arm but your legs and back.

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Not sure what that means. Do you have to sit at all?

i get pain in my shoulder sometimes for a number of reasons but i can manage that. Went to see my doctor yesterday and its the tendons on the inside edge of the thumb.

I’m using the newer version of the trackman trackball a lot of the rov pilots use.

Logitech MX Ergo Wireless Trackball Mouse

Its the seating position i think thats my problem. I sit on reclyning sofa with a pillow under my knees and a keyboard on my lap. The trackball used to sit beside me which helpe fix the shoulder problem but ended up hurting my wrist. Im trying to keep the arm flat on the pillow but with the pillow being soft im not sure im getting the benifits of its tilt feature since it sinks into the cushion.

There is a plethora of info on how to sit roperly at a desk but ive yet to find the best ergonomic way to chill playing eve with my feet up. The desk option is a no go due to my knee problems. The arm has a tendendy to give my tendon atrittion every few years it was something similr to tennis elbow last time. There were other reasons for that though an over extension injury with too much weight. I’ve known people who have had to quit eve due to back problems or rsi.

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