RSI and you

We all know the Risks of RSI.

I have a personal interest in this as I’m more at risk than others due to an underlying health issue. But of late I have felt the itch of frustration at several parts of EVE that feel they have excessive clicking.

So Before I post my idea, I’m asking for all your suggestions and opinions on parts of EVE that have too much REPETITIVE mouse work.

Literally all of it. Adding clicks is pretty much the only way CCP add complexity to any mechanic and the vast majority of mechanics are cyclical.

I believe EVE measures certain “marketable” metrics based on number of mouse clicks. For this reason, you are probably fighting for a lost cause.

Am I the only one that thought this was going to be a warning about Robert Space Industries and the futility of waiting for a full release of Star Citizen?

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Exploration / Scanning is a click-fest and when the Mini-Hacking game was implemented, players said it was a major click-fest which, after all these years, it still is…

I haven’t done any PI but I imagine that’s also a click-fest.

In fact this whole game is one giant click-fest and more clicks are added with each new update.

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Roberts Space Industry?

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Omg I had to click. How will I survive?

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AOE, the first rts game had way more clicks than this.

I can still remember the scout and that fog of war on the map.

There is none, for me anyway. The only time I felt my wrist hurt was on the hand that is on my keyboard, not the one on the mouse, and it doesn’t hurt while I play EVE but another game.
Anyway, thanks for the thread.

make keyboards RSI friendly pleasethankyou

on a more serious note: yep, ccp adds way too many clicks and scrolls at every occasion in just about every aspect of the UI

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Stealth “More AFK tasks plx” thread

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