lately there seems to be an obsession with requiring more clicks to do things in EVE.
login click to claim, click to close, click to get rid of extra advertising screen, click to actuallly redeem the items you clicked to claim, clcik again, for selection. you get the idea
same for PI, clcok to open planet interface, double clcik to view planet, find and click on extractor head, click on the pop up, click on the stop button, click on the start button, slide over and click submit (when all you wanted to do was restart extractors)
previosly passive mods now require clicks.
charaacter sheet now brings up a big picture that has a click area to bring up jump clone (for example)
maybe not a big deal for a player with 1 account. but just to log in my 5 accounts takes dozens of clciks just to get to the start screen so i can click some more to join fleet and finally move a ship.
In the PI example a single account with 2 alts requires a minimum of 10 click actions just to log in and restart extractors. 2 more actions to log to next toon, over 30 clicks just to keep PI going.
It really is time to simplify this and help reduce mouse fatique and carpal tunnel


I don’t have a problem with carpet tunnel. Maybe you should switch to hardwood floors.


If I use a rock to hit myself on the head with it hurts, CCP should change things so rocks stop doing that.

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The idea that this is somehow work disgusts me.

Oh wait, wrong thread.



The following page will list patch notes for all updates within this release (Version 19.09). We invite you to join the player discussion about the content of this release on EVE Online forums:

PATCH NOTES FOR 2021-09-21.1


New Player Experience:

  • Added a Fk You CCP button, where players can now click one button and send a high-resolution photograph via first-class mail of a monkey flipping the bird to each and every CCP employee for a small one-time fee of $9.99.


New Player Experience:

  • Fixed an issue where players were required to click too much. Now added CCP Auto-Click option to NEOCOM menu, where CCP clicks everything for you for a small monthly fee of $4.99. Also works on Fk You CCP button!



I’ve noticed the same thing and am hoping that some 3rd party software comes along that includes things like adblocking and popup blocking.
Actually what I really want is for them do all that and to reverse engineer the entire launcher and client and make everything in it optional and customizable.
That’s something worth paying for.
Maybe they could even fix the bugs instead of slapping unwanted features on top of them, wouldn’t that be neat?

They lowered the amount of clicks already.

Holy crap!
That was quick!
Make suggestions now while it’s not to late!

PI before 2018 Update:
A rough count for setting up a single planet with Command Center, Launchpad, Extractor with 10 heads, 12 processors and links and routes for all the processors came out to around 300 clicks.

PI after 2018 Update:
setup the single planet with Command Center, Launchpad, Extractor with 10 heads, 12 processors and links and routes for all the processors. Another rough count has us down to roughly 185 clicks.

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Yes… clicking is so difficult, it’s such a challenge.

Well, don’t have 5 accounts if you can’t handle the clicks.

" I Want The CLICKS !! "

"You CAN’T HANDLE the clicks !!
Son, we play in a game with clicks and those clicks have to be encoded… WHO’s gonna do it, You…? YOU, Lt. Weinclick?? "


i was around when Hillmar tried to do PI and freaked out causing them to reduce planet setup from over 300 clicks to under 200. at that time i was running 80 planets. to the bozo that thinks lots of clicking is somehow a good thing, it isnt. simplifying the process to make the game enjoyable instead of tedious leads to player retention. especially now that damn near everything in game needs PI components.

Easy fix: Remove PI


I think it would be better if they purchase Paradox Interactive, and they could install some kind of real-time planetary warfare minigame.

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They remove P.I and I stop playing.

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PI isnt really playing though.

Its setting a timer and walking away.

It can be described like that, yes.
I liked to figure out what I needed to extract for a certain tier 4 product. Each tier has its base components from what planet and what extraction process and so on. It’s deep enough to keep me interested. The timer is just CCP’s bullish!t like the skill crap.

Eh whatver floats your boat.

Im deeply considering cancelling my alt and just buying PLEX instead.

THat said, I cannot be bothered learning PI, its just so meh to me.

But different strokes and all that.


Not joking: I literally pay to shipspin so Im not a rational individual


Mike’s a good lad


You’re just complaining because you don’t want to change the batteries in your mouse that often, you cheap $#@!

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