in a previous thread numerous examples of extra clicks to do things were cited. recently we have added even more. today we randomly discovered that resetting the moon drill no longer brings up the calendar bar , you have to go to the neocom and open a calendar function (the same one that opened automatically before)
the latests series of daily land event rewards requiring a claim, close, another claim, another close, open a redeem window and confirm once in game is just another example of a plethora of clicking to do things that should be simple.
once again PI comes to mind or… the new compression box that serves no purpose other than to require an extra click.
come on guye make the UI easier, not more click intensive.


I do agree here. I see no real reason why something that is a natural part of the process needs an extra step. Perhaps the shipboard compression was intended to lose materials originally? (Part of the “Materials need to disappear” stick that’s been going on). But since it doesn’t lose anything and there is zero chance of overfill ING cargo with this process, it should just execute.

Additionally, the only times a break in flow should be at decision points.


It’s my opinion that they are counting the number of clicks for some kind of activity charts. How else can you explain the new career program window that pops up for everything you do.

and dont forget closing windows that reopen when you have a session change…

I like to click and I find it relaxing to click as I am a clicker.

Release the Clicker in you today…

Play Eve Online… Insert TV Ad here!

Hmm… How about of instead of project discovery, CCP add an Eve Clicker game? Then, players could make number go up while making number go up. In fact, if they did at work, they could krab in Eve Clicker while krabbing in Eve Online while krabbing in real life.

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Eve Clicker game within EveOnline like minesweeper that is accessed using the ship spinning feature to scroll through the grid while spinning your ship then a new option is added called ship flipping where we can change the pivot point.

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Hanger Ship Spin feature could use new arrow buttons to expand the click experience. Precise movements of 1 degree per click could be obtained: 360 clicks for a full rotation! /s

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