Upgradeable structures

So i’ve got a Raitaru somewhere in space that’s pretty heavily used by a bunch of people which aren’t a member of my corp and/or alliance. And contacting all of them is quite frankly impossible. I however want to replace this Raitaru by an Azbel on exactly thesame location since the structures are lined up perfectly for quick warp between them and the gate. Unanchoring it will make a lot of people lose a lot of isk and most likely make them very angry, undoing years of maintaining and growing its use, something i want to avoid at all costs as you might understand :wink:

So the request is: make structures like citadels, engineering complexes and refineries upgradable to the next tier structure, without cancelling any processes going on inside. As a compromise jobs could be paused, certain services unavailable (temp no new jobs able to submit/tether/market?) and you would still need to gather all the materials for the next tier structure and wait for it to be “prepared” (same as a normal industry job and would take up for example 5 manufacturing slots) and then deployed like you normally would but the structure would appear to be under construction until it’s done (like the jita trade hub showed construction for quite some time before the new one appeared).

The normal anchoring mechanics can be applied where a structure is vulnerable for a set time frame as well.


Just rename it to “UNANCHORING SOON DON’T START NEW JOBS” or something and be ready to scoop it the second it unanchors. If they don’t wanna read it’s their fault.


its got research jobs going for multiple months in there, from myself among other things :stuck_out_tongue:

If it’s possible that would great.

I know some folks living in wormholes and Pochven who would love to upgrade medium sized structures because it has been a pain dealing with the reinforcement changes from Seige Green.

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