Upwell Ganking

This topic is in the top 10% for creativity.

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We all take stuff from a thread and what shocked me in this one , there are more McCandless around , how many people know this and why was I not told…

Yes, Billy and the OP would have a great time together.

Im not sure why you would be informed.

Of course, if you know a McCandless thats not in my corp, let me know so I can invite them


Ain’t no reason to get upset that y’all didn’t think of askin’ fer this here change first. Once this here broken game mechanic is dun changed, everyone including y’all kin benefit from it.

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I like this idea. Structures should shoot whatever whenever. If you have structure control and a random miner tethers, you should be able to cut tether and wreck him.

Then sell a tether permit. Tether is not a god given right, its a service that needs to be regulated.

You can do that through the access list afaik.

yes, but if you cut tether without destroying the miner, what’s the point of tether permits? people don’t tether on closed structures.

You can cut tether individually. Though if we are talking about hisec then yes CCP has to change how safety works. Though not sure if sacrificing a player structure for a venture would really encourage anyone to buy the permits. :stuck_out_tongue: (At least I seem to recall OP wanting that.) If you mean using a catalyst ganker alt that could work but already doable, just add the venture pilot as exepmtion on the ACL. If lowsec and below then it should be doable already.

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McCandless are a family of Irish Pirates, the sons of Cuindleas

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