Upwell Ganking

Howdy! It’s come to my attention that there ain’t nothin’ you can do in terms of gankin’ with an Upwell Structure. I were recently in control of an Athanor in highsec and it’s got these here missiles on it and there was this daggum venture that drifted off tether, but I’ll be darned if I couldn’t gank it no matter what I dun tried with the controls.

Why the hay does CCP get to decide if’n a refinery can or can’t dunk someone?! It weren’t my structure so I’ll be danged if I care whether or not CONCORD kills it afterward, but that venture sure as shootin’ needed burnin’ and this here game ain’t givin’ us the freedom we need ta make it happen!

Fix it y’all!


Because they own it and the rest of the universe?


Well shoot, this here game supposed to let folks do darn near anything they want. Don’t see why killin’ miners with a refinery’s gotta get blacklisted. There ain’t no good reason fer it.

Are you from Aridia? You sound like my mum


The other McCandless might have better success conversing with this poster.


Naw, I ain’t y’all’s mother. Jes wanna know why they even put missiles n’ scrams on them things if they ain’t intended fer killin’ folks.

Yore darn tootin you aint me shuge. But that aint here nore thar.
Thars a reel good reason CCP lets y’alls put fancy shootin irons on yer space teepees and thats jest to make y’alls feel safe when they aint gonna do jack sheet against no banditos no how.

Them CCPs are jest a bunch of filthy East Coast Yankee Carpet Baggers, ah tell yuh whut.


If you were able to gank that Venture with your Athanor, Concord would insta kill your Athanor.

What I don’t understand is why you’d use the Athanor to gank the Venture. It takes literally eons to lock a frigate. You are better off releasing control, board your Thrasher, undock, approach the Venture without prop mod and kill it.


Now yer talkin’!


Don’t matter to me whut happens to the Athanor after that there venture burns.

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With the right corp roles, you could use it to awox structures via concordoken, as well as create bait gank astrahuses for ganking blinged out marauders, overloaded freighters, or freighters carrying scam contracts. Plus, it would likely lead to a bunch of accidental structure concords (like when players accidentally get concorded for shooting their cap buddies).

Honestly, this change would have me grinning like a possum eating a sweat potato.
No P2W


Would asset safety still apply to “criminal” structures?

You couldn’t just undock and kill it?

I know it’s a specific situation of an easily ganked venture, rather than a Marauder or other more tanky target, but regular old style ship-to-ship ganking still works fine.

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Sure… all you need is a shillelagh , and a good drop of the good stuff…

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A’yup, I sure could, but if’n I’m already docked up and in control of a station that’s got itself a big ol’ launcher or two, why wouldn’t y’all jes use that instead? After all, killin’ folks ain’t about the economics or usin’ the right thing all the time. It’s about sendin’ a message. I can’t think of a better way of sendin’ that message than puttin’ some feller’s Upwell up on a CONCORD killmail ta wipe up one o’ them there pesky minin’ folks.


Can’t argue with that. The more destruction, the better.

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They should make a trig upwell and only then can you attack players with it.

The grinding that’ll commence in Pochpoch will be epic.

Go live in low sec, null or W-space.

CCP and ISD’s are sure selective about what threads stay up.

*Obvious troll thread.

Not really. he’s asking a honest question thru RP.

Honestly, you’re just boring :smiley: