Upwell Station fuel demand slump?

since last month it seems the demand for materials needed for fuel production has been in a major slump.
Very few buyers .
Has there been a Major decline in upwell station use?
seeing a slump in demand for almost a month for a major commodity is rather unsettling.

Probably not, it’s more likely that more are or have started to make their own fuel rather than buying it.

Keep in mind that the december release also saw the changes to wardec eligibility, tack on a month or two for corporations that may have originally had structures to decide the risk of wardec wasn’t worth it, and its feasible that caused a decline in their use, in HS at least.


I’ve thought about it myself and decided that having a separate structure holding entity to take any wardecs and associated asset losses was the most appealing method. The only other change needed was paying more attention to permissions to ensure that characters that aren’t in that corp can still use all of it’s assets.

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People probably coming to their senses on maintaining athanors in high sec. also could be that one dude with 50 accounts mining every ice belt in every system around every trade hub. Idk.

The destruction of hisec Athanors, Raitaru’s and Astrahus’s has been picking up over the last few months and it has and will definitely have an ongoing impact. If Upwell structure fuel is your main market then you should expect that slump in demand and the decline in operating structures to continue.

You should look at the destruction of hisec structures at the weekend (Saturdays are the key day) to see the trend and most of those are not being replaced.

You should diversify.

now i recall when CCP advertised how nice it would be to have these - CCP’s promise for new homes for us , now under new mechanics everyone is taking them down. the entire market line of elements refined from ice is now toppled.

bravo CCP , well done


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