Upwell Structure Layouts

@CCP_Falcon, officially, can you speak on us ever getting detailed cutaway artwork of each upwell structure in their stock-standard configs along with extra upwell lore fluff? Asking for a friend.


… floor plans.

For structures which have many many square km of floor space.


Okay, floorplans may be asking WAY too much. I was sleep deprived and caffeine wired while thinking about this. A man can dream though… hell, a frigates of EVE styled cut-away look at even an astrahus would be more realistic, though still unlikely to happen.

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I’d be happy if we could…you know…




Considering that even a medium citadel is larger than most cities on Earth, I would say good luck in ever seeing that

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I’ve been curious about this as well. Also, would like to know how many people are needed to run a Citadel, and how many people one can safely hold. (We all know that there is a finite amount of Air in them.)

Would love to get a chronicle about life in a citadel so we can get a sense of scale of how big they are.

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A keepstar can have 132 million inhabitants.