Ship layout headcanons

not sure if theyres official layouts for the interiors of ships, but ive been looking at a lot of gallente ships, and this has interisted me as to how the interior is. does anyone have any kind of thoughts on the insides? (where the crew sleeps, mess hall, where drones are stored, how cargo is put on and off the ship, etc) if you do id love to hear about your ideas on how the ships are built and why.

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check out “Frigates of Eve Online”
it does cutaways of all the frigates of EVE (well at the time of publishing)

since you mentioned Gallente, i figured id share the Tristan for you. The bright yellow spot, thats the capsule.

Seriously. This book is canon. Anything that´s stated or implied in there is a fact. We went to great pains to ensure that ship descriptions, their development history, and even the details of the gruesome fates of some prototype work crews were accurately sourced. The same applies for photographic evidence of Gallentean debauchery or intensely thorough Amarr rituals of cleansing.


will do. that would definitely be someithng im interisted in. didnt know it existed but glad it does.

If you don’t mind a fictional non-official ship design for the Sunesis-class destroyer - you can have a look at the drawings in this story. I have not yet gotten around to doing a side view yet. (note: The ship has ‘regular’ people as a crew, so there is no capsule bay inside.)

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