Ship anatomy art work

I love to understand how my space ship work and function, i love to see what inside. I know there are already some like the magnate cutthrough, merlin, algos,… But there’s no art work of cruisers or other dessi, just mostly frigates … I would kill to see some art work of the mothership class or titan class( gonna be a super massive and complex artwork) … So anyone have any source or any pic to share? I know I’m not the only one love the ship anatomy :3

So there was a frigate cutaways book released last year:

At the bottom of the article, there is a comment that CCP would love to do more books, but yeah, there’s not much in the way of larger ships yet.

I honestly dont like the art work of those cutaways.

They dont make much sense. There are windows on these ships but no space for crew other than you. Are there two versions of every ship? A capsuleer version and a non-capsule version?


Non-capsuleer versions have larger crews and no equipment that supports the capsule integration.

You can see the difference in ship crew here:

So capsuleer flown frigates only have 1-3 crew on the minimum end and up to 40 max. They don’t need much dedicated space in a frigate.

Larger ships would have more areas and passages that support crew.

I’ve been thinking about commissioning some ‘trolly’ versions of ship cutaways.
Cutaway showing actual anatomy (flesh heart, lungs, etc).
A T3 Dessie cutaway showing Macross characters running around.
T3 cruiser showing transformer parts… Or Legos.

–Gadget hates trying to format on a phone

T3 cruisers are actually… this.


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