Slasher redesign why does it has 2 "heads"(pilots)?

I am new to the game and was reading a little about the lore and read that most frigates have a crew of 1-3 people,I was also looking at old ship models an saw the old slasher had a single “head”(that amber area minmattar frigates have where a pilot should be) but the current one has 2 so why is that ?


Good question and welcome to Eve.

The CCP Art team probably did it because it looked cool. However the ship description might give a clue:

The Slasher is extremely fast, with decent armaments, and is popular amongst budding pirates and smugglers.

Maybe the 2nd viewport is where the Pirates and Smugglers have a lookout stationed, sorta like a ‘Crows Nest’ on old sailing ships… :wink:

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Double the heads …
… double the fun.


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Keep in mind that many of the ships we fly are other designs that have been retrofitted into being used by capsuleers. So while capsuleer ships are in the low end on crew sizes the non-capsuleer ships tend to have larger crews.


Thx everyone.


Is this thread ending already? :frowning:

I mean idk first thread for ever me lol


Oh … yes! It says you’re new here.
I’m suppsed to welcome you to the community!

Hello! :blush:

How are you doing? :smiley:

So far,so good,still trying to figure out many basic aspects of the game though

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That’ll take some time. :slight_smile:

Always feel free to ask people in local … (especially local!)
… or the New Player forum!

Avoid rookie help chat! It’s weird and full of people. Weird people!
There you’re just a number! Here we love you! :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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