Eve ship cutaway catalog?

So many fictional universes seem to all have cutaway ship catalogs of all stations, systems, and of course… ships. Has any ever been created for Eve?

I always wonder when i swap from something big (Bhaalgorn) to something small (Imicus), what’s inside and how many crew are supporting me? Where does my Pod go inside the ship? How are crew accommodated?

Has anything like this been prepared for the Eveverse before?

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I don’t know that there’s any one source that’s been compiled for all of those things. Many of them are addressed through lore resources (like the Crew Guidelines article here). So the answers do exist, but aren’t necessarily all in one catalog or other medium.

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I leave this here: https://www.eveonline.com/article/frigates-of-eve-online-the-cross-sections-now-available


Not as comprehensive as you might wish, but as mentioned above, there is the Frigates of EVE -book that is exacly what you’re looking for. As for the other things you asked, a lot of that is answered both in EVE: Source and the “Frigates” book. To my understanding there is no specific place where pods go inside ships - it seems to be whatever relatively central and free space the ship has.

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This is precisely what I was looking for… it’s just a shame that it’s for Frigates only. @CCP_Falcon, take my money!

The problem is EVE’s fiction team is like an unknown amount of volunteers and max 4. paid people (+freelancer artists now and then), all of whom have other responsibilities as well, like Falcon is a CM, and they seem to have a shoestring budget to boot. I wouldn’t hold my breath for more extensive cutout / blueprint books unless that changes.

Last time all other lore projects (such as recreating evelopedia as the fiction portal website, we went around a year without any official online lore repository) suffered because of the time and effort that Frigates consumed, obviously because two-three people can only do so much.


Battleships are like a km long. or in that range anyway…
Making a realistic cross section of that would be insane.

Judging by the Sci-Fi ships picture, the Raven is just slightly larger than Star Trek’s Enterprise D

About 100m shorter, but remember that the Enterprise has half it’s length as the warp nacelles also. And the Saucer section is far shorter in height also.
So you would be looking at 1/4 or less actual internal volume as a generous estimate.

I’d love to be able to write more of these, but my focus is elsewhere for now as I’m super busy with my regular job!

Hopefully some day I’ll get back to writing fiction and backstory though, it’s the thing I love doing the most at CCP.



If you’ll entertain ideas, maybe the one of them could be about vessels specialized for a specific purpose? Like haulers, miners, logistics, black ops etc?

The original plan I had laid out for a series was:

  • Frigates
  • Destroyers & Battlecruisers
  • Cruisers
  • Battleships
  • Industrials (would include all haulers, freighters and ore hulls).
  • Capitals (covering everything combat capable larger than a battleship).
  • Structures (Upwell structures, standard stargates, habitation modules, NPC stations etc)

Would also consider a volume completely focused around outlier factions, focused on ancient tech such as the colony vessels that first came to New Eden, as well as mew recent developments such as precursor tech and hulls.

Could be lots to write. Frigates alone was 11 months of writing and artwork, more than 130,000 words from me, as well as a short story from Delegate Zero and one from Max Singularity too.


All of those would be so cool to see, my personal favourite probably being the outlier factions (I assume you mean pirates etc.?) and ancient terran tech. Here’s hoping for some day you’ll have enough resources and time. :+1:

How’s your keyboard replacement budget?


Substantial :smiley:

Ironically, the one I’m typing on right now is starting to die… another first generation K95 RGB, the “K” and “E” keys are starting to give double characters, or not work.

Looks like another new one soon!


Could start a gofundme and see how many capsuleers would help you get a new keyboard :rofl::rofl:

I imagine the industrials would be easy. Just a lot of empty space. :slight_smile:

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